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Wrapping Up Sword and Brush 2019

Back in September, I went to a really cool convention called Sword and Brush. This event in Burlington, Ontario, Canada combined a few genres, all that I like. Primarily, it housed tournaments for a number of gaming systems and a painting competition. On top of that, the hosts also ran a number of participation games, and board games were available too.

I went with the goal of trying out Dracula’s America by Osprey Games, checking out the painting competition and catching up with old friends. I am very happy to say that I achieved all three goals at this event and took pictures too.

Today’s article brings all of the articles that I wrote about the event to one single place. Below I have links to showcase articles, a Battle Report and related stories that I wrote for Bell of Lost Souls. Come on over and check out these stories about Sword and Brush 2019.

Note: You can click on either the the pictures or the links below to get to the stories.

Painted Models Showcases

Trollblood Mountain King Miniature at Sword and Brush 2019
The TrollBlood Mountain King by Privateer Press. Painted by Dave Garbe. Link.
Miniature painted by Paul Stockley - Sword and Brush 2019
Spitfire Pilot Bust by Young Miniatures. Painted by Paul Stockley. Link.
Boudicca by FeR Miniatures painted by Brian Latour
Boudicca by FeR Miniatures. Painted by Brian Latour. Link.
Keera of Justice by Scale75 - painted 75mm miniature
Keera of Justice by Scale75. Painted by Jason Zajac. Link.
Cthulhu at Sword and Brush 2019 painting competition and gaming convention
The Great Cthulhu by Fenris Games. Painted by Chris Baginski. Link.
Krull by Mierce Miniatures
Great Axe Krull by Mierce Miniatures. Painted by Travis Keeler. Link.
Lest We Forget - World War One Soldiers on Remembrance Day
Lest We Forget. Remembrance Day Diorama by Master Box Ltd. Artist unknown. Link.
Polish Winged Hussar Painted Bust Showcase by MJ Miniatures
Polish Winged Hussar Bust by MJ Miniatures. Painted by Sebastian. Link.
Dragon Huntress 75mm Miniature by Black Sun Miniatures at Sword and Brush 2019
Dragon Huntress by Black Sun Miniatures. Painted by Ramy Tawil. Link.
Hannibal Barca by Nutsplanet as painted by Chris Slye of Lords of War
Hannibal Barca Bust by Nutsplanet. Painted by Chris Slye. Link.
Daenerys Targaryen Mother of Dragons Game of Thrones Miniature Bust by Nutsplanet
Mother of Dragons by Nutsplanet. Painted by Johnathan Ho. Link.
Game of Thrones Jon Snow Bust - well painted miniature bust - Night's Watch
Night’s Watch by Nutsplanet. Painted by Dai Viet Nguyen. Link.
Harald Hardrada Bust by RP Models and painted by Kyle Maitland
Harald Hardrada by RP Models. Painted by Kyle Maitland. Link.

Dracula’s America Battle Report

Battle Report and First Impressions Review of Dracula's America
My Battle Report of Dracula’s America by Osprey Game. Game hosted by Les. Link.

Extra Interview

Mother of Dragons Bust Painter Interview Johnathan Ho
Interview with Johnathan Ho about the Mother of Dragons. Link.

Bell of Lost Souls Articles (by me)

Below are Sword and Brush 2019 articles that I wrote for Bell of Lost Souls.

Dracula's America
Battling Vampires in the Wild West of Dracula’s America. Link.
Sword and Brush on Bell of Lost Souls
Miniatures Showcase: Sword and Brush 2019. Link.
Sword and Brush on Bell of Lost Souls - Event Report
Miniatures Showcase: Sword and Brush 2019 – Part 2. Link.
Bell of Lost Souls Article by Must Contain Minis
Miniatures Showcase: Sword and Brush 2019 – Part 3. Link

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this article round up. As stated earlier, the level of painting at the painting competition at this event was absolutely incredible. They also hosted a number of miniatures tournaments and some participation games too.

Overall, I had a great time at this event. For those in Ontario (or New York), this is an event close enough to take a closer look at. I hope to go again next year. This event is set to run again September 11 to 13, 2020, in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. For more information, be sure to check out their web page.

Also, as a reminder, we have the Ontario Miniature Gaming Convention Page right here on Must Contain Minis. There I collect all of the gaming conventions that I know of in Ontario that focus on miniatures gaming (outside of just GW products).

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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    Boudicca only got 1/10 for her bust? I don’t know, I would have rated it higher.

    Seriously beautiful painting and a nice write up.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      The 1/10 is the scale of the model. 🙂

      I also think the painting is superb. Thanks for the comment and complement.

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