Harald Hardrada Bust by RP Models

Today’s post looks at the final bust and miniature that I photographed at the Sword and Brush 2019 painting competition. This time, we look at a Bust of Harald Hardrada by RP Models. I talked to Kyle Maitland, the painter, about his entry into the contest.


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Night’s Watch Bust by Nutsplanet (Jon Snow)

In this post, we showcase yet another well painted bust model from the Sword and Brush 2019 painting competition. This time it is of the model called Night’s Watch by Nutsplanet. To me, this model really looks like Jon Snow from Game of Thrones.  🙂


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Mother of Dragons – Painter Interview

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In my last post, I took a nice and close look at a well painted Mother of Dragons Bust by Nutsplanet. Today, I share a quick electronic interview with the painter of the model, Johnathan Ho. He goes on Instagram as SirJohnTheHo if you want to follow his work. On that account, he posts as much work as he can about his miniatures. He paints both miniature armies and showcase type pieces. He tends to post more of the larger figures to Instagram. The reason for this is that he spends more effort on the larger figures and busts than his armies.

Without further ado, let’s get into the discussion with Johnathan about his Mother of Dragons Bust from Sword and Brush 2019.


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