Top 5 Must Contain Minis posts of 2019

In this post, I countdown the most visited posts on Must Contain Minis for 2019. The rankings here are based on the sheer number of pageviews for 2019. Some may be surprises to you while others may not. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this quick post. Now, on to the countdown of the top 5 Must Contain Minis Posts visited in 2019.

Number 5 – Frostgrave Barbarians Review

The fifth most visited post on Must Contain Minis is actually one that I wrote in 2017. It is my review of Frostgrave Barbarian Miniatures by Osprey Games and North Star Military Figures. Oddly enough, it was on last year’s top 5 countdown too with over 1,600 pageviews.

Top 5 MCM posts of 2019 - Frostgrave Barbarians Review
This review of Barbarian Miniatures for Frostgrave includes many pictures. This includes pictures of built figures, scale comparison images and pictures of the plastic sprues in the box. This post saw over 1,600 visits this year. Link.

Number 4 – Plastic Frostgrave Wizards Preview

Yet another post about miniatures by Osprey Games and North Star Military Figures makes it into the top 5. This time, it is a preview post about their first set of plastic wizards.

Frostgrave Box Art for Plastic Wizards
This one is a bit of preview and news article. It discusses the Plastic Frostgrave Wizards model box and includes pictures from North Star Military Figures showing off some finished models and pictures of what comes on the sprues. This article saw over 1,600 visits this year. Link.

Number 3 – Planning my HobbyZone Workstation

This post discusses the steps I took to plan my HobbyZone Modular Workstation. Interesting to note that this is on my top 5 list for MCM at number 3 while my post reviewing the I-Pad holder by HobbyZone was my number one post this year for Bell of Lost Souls (BoLS).

Review and Planning What HobbyZone Modules to Buy
This article discusses my plans from start to finish for my HobbyZone work area. I talk about everything from the furniture that I selected to the ordering process and design decisions I made for my products. This post saw over 1,800 visits. Link.

Number 2 – Rebels and Patriots Review

My Review of Rebels and Patriots by Osprey Games was a long time coming from when I received the book, but it did well. That post ranks number two in this top 5 countdown.

Review of Rebels and Patriots by Osprey Games
This review of a blue series wargame book by Osprey Games makes it into the top 5 countdown. This one had over 1,900 pageviews. Link.

Number 1 – Oathmark Miniatures

I am really looking forward to the long overdue release of Osprey Game’s Oathmark rule set. Apparently, I am not the only one looking forward to the game. This post won the top position on this list by a landslide of visits.

A look at the basic infantry miniatures in Oathmark. This post saw over 3,500 visits this year, even though I wrote it during 2018. An excellent indication that there is a lot of excitement for this upcoming game. Images within are from North Star Military Figures and the post includes many images of the models and the sprues of all four base factions. Link.

Honourable Mentions

I want to give out an honourable mention to two different posts that didn’t make this list. Both cracked past the 1,500 pageview mark, which happens to be the same level of visits as my number 5 post last year.

Review of Forgotten World's Living Dead Peasants
The Review I wrote for Fireforge Games’ Forgotten World Living Dead Peasants had a lot of people visiting the site. It is a great kit and this review features sprue pictures and scale comparison images. Link.
Frostgrave Female Solders - North Star Military Figures and Osprey Games
My post about the female Frostgrave Soldiers (and a look at the Frostgrave: Maze of Malcor Nickstarter) did very well this year. It contains pictures of the solider sprues and the images are from North Star Military Figures. Link.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for counting down the most visited posts on Must Contain Minis with me for 2019. I must say that I am impressed with the number of posts here that are related to Osprey Games and North Star Military Figures. Both companies produce fantastic work and am happy that people come to this site to read up about their products. I also like that made the list. I expected the review of Forgotten World miniatures would have made the top 5, but 6th place out of the 530 posts on Must Contain Minis is still pretty good. 🙂

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!


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