You are currently viewing Top Five 2018 Posts on Bell of Lost Souls – Written by Me :)

Top Five 2018 Posts on Bell of Lost Souls – Written by Me :)

In this post, we take a look at the Top 5 most popular 2018 posts on Bell of Lost Souls. That is, the Top 5 there written by me, Jacob Stauttener.  🙂

As many of you know, I also write for other websites on top of Must Contain Minis. The biggest one is Bell of Lost Souls (BoLS). There, I host a weekly Column focusing on Historical Games and Games by Opsrey Publishing. If you want to see every post that I wrote there, check out my author page.

Top 5 Bell of Lost Souls Articles By Jacob Stauttener (in 2018)

Love them or hate them, Bell of Lost Souls does very well and the amount of traffic they generate is incredible. All of the posts in this top five list have received over 7,000 page-views. That is very impressive! To put that in perspective, when I do the Top 5 Countdown of 2018 for Must Contain Minis, my top post reached over 2,000 page-views.

Over 2,000 page-views for a single post is respectable, but is no where near the same ballpark as to what I see on Bell of Lost Souls. In fact, my top post on BoLS had over 10,000 page views. Wow!

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the most popular Bell of Lost Souls Articles that I wrote in 2018.

Number Five

My Fifth most popular post on BoLS was one about changes the guys at Cigar Box Battle made during their Kickstarter Campaign. In this news article, I looked at some of the new designs and talked about how the company unlocked them early to satisfy their fans.

Top 5 Posts on Bell of Lost Souls by Jacob Stauttener
My post about Cigar Box Battle’s mat designs and early unlocks to their Kickstarter Campaign received over 7,000 pageviews.

I am really happy that this article made this list with over 7,000 page-views. Cigar Box Battle produces a great product that I like to use in my Showcases and Battle Reports alike. If you want to see more posts that feature their products, be sure to check out my Sponsors Page for Cigar Box Battle.

Number Four

In fourth place is yet another news article. This time, about Firelock Games taking Oak & Iron to Kickstarter. In the article I talk about the game, its development and show off an exclusive image.

Top 5 BoLS posts by Jacob Stauttener
Yet another post by me that saw over 7,000 page views on Bell of Lost Souls. Not bad at all.

Number Three

Firelock Games captures yet another Top 5 placement with their Oak & Iron Game. The article that I wrote about Oak & Iron sailing to Success on Kickstarter drew in over 8,000 page-views.

Firelock Games on Bell of Lost Souls
Firelock Games captures two of the top 5 posts written by me, Jacob Stauttener, for Bell of Lost Souls. This one saw over 8,000 page views.

If you are interested in more Firelock Games Posts, we have a section dedicated to the company on Must Contain Minis.

Number Two

My second most popular post written this year for BoLS goes to Warlord Games. In this post, I look at the four primary nations with lists in the core rulebook and discuss which might fit your play style.

Jacob Stauttener's Top 5 posts of 2018 on Bell of Lost Souls
This informative post for new players to Bolt Action had over 9,000 pageviews. Wow!

Number One

My number one post that I wrote for Bell of Lost Souls this year is an introductory piece to Osprey Game’s Gaslands. Gaslands has been an absolute hit for Osprey and it is so cool seeing online how many people are excited for the game!

Top 5 2018 posts on Bell of Lost Souls by Jacob Stauttener
Gaslands by Osprey Games is and incredibly affordable and popular game right now. My post introducing people to this game received over 10,000 page views on Bell of Lost Souls. That is absolutely incredible!!!

It is good to see that a post about Osprey Games has done so well on Bell of Lost Souls. I am a huge fan of the company and they have been a big supporter of Must Contain Minis in terms of sending products to review. If you want to read about them, be sure to check my Osprey Games Section on this website.

Wrapping it up…

That sums up my Top 5 Countdown of the Top 5 most visited articles written by me on Bell of Lost Souls for 2018. The reach that BoLS has is absolutely incredible! That is part of the reason that I write for them on top of this site. My goal is to introduce as many people as possible to the idea that there are many other games out there to play outside of those published by GW.

To wrap up 2018, I have one last countdown post to come. That post is a look at the most visited articles on MCM for the year. What games do you think those articles will be about?

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Andrés F.

    First of all: congrats on your success at BoLS! It’s how I discovered your blog, after all 🙂

    BoLS indeed seems like a love it or hate it proposition.

    On one hand, thanks to BoLS I find about interesting blogs (and authors) like Must Contain Minis. They also have some interesting series, like the one about board games (by Matt Sall) and some of their authors are funny and/or insightful. I also enjoy their articles about the hobby side of things, with pics of beautiful tables and the occasional painting tutorial (though usually reposted from somewhere else). And I’ve met some interesting people in their comments section.

    On the other hand, I find their almost exclusive focus on high profile games, their rampant “adverticles” (which is the only way I can explain the countless articles on Pathfinder/Starfinder that almost nobody ever comments on), and their focus on being some sort of “geek news” aggregator a bit off putting. Their occasional click-bait titles don’t help either.

    The joke goes that one doesn’t read BoLS because of the articles, but because of the comments section. I think it’s a bit unfair, but not too much 😉

    1. BDub


    2. Jacob Stauttener

      Thanks so much Andres.

      I took a bit of a gamble deciding to write for them. I was after new readers and I was not 100% sure whether their visitors would be interested in my site. Turns out that they are, and I really appreciate that you found me through that site.

      Bell of Lost Souls does have a lot of different writers. Like you, some of them appeal to me, and some do not. I can’t really comment on their content type, but I am happy that I get visits from there to my site when my posts go up.

      Thanks for commenting!

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