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Ruined Building Review – Terrain by Six Squared Studios

In this post, I review a ruined building by Six Squared Studios. This building, in particular, I believe is a prototype and 3D printed by the company. It is not available on the internet yet; however, I do believe you can get this item if you see them in person at a convention.

One of the things that I love most about terrain is how you can use it for a variety of games. This piece specifically would be good for Frostgrave, Bolt Action, Blood & Plunder and a whole host of other wargames. Heck, I bet you could even use it in 40K or Age of Sigmar if you wanted. Now, let’s take a closer look at the model.

28mm wargame terrain review
A look at the front of the building. The top piece just gently rests on top of the model.
3D Printed Wargame Terrain Review
A look at one of the sides of the building. This one has some steel bars at the bottom of the model as a neat feature.
6 Squared Studios Terrain Review
The rear of the model. There is just one entrance in and out of this building.
Wargame terrain review
Another look at the model. I like this building.

Overall, I really like this building. It came as two separate pieces and feels sturdy.

Painting the Ruined Building

I found this building very easy (and quick) to paint. The grooves are deep so it takes to dry-brushing very well. I started by priming the model with Gesso followed by a lot of quick dry-brushing. Almost all of the colours I used were made by Ceramcoat brand paints (a cheap craft-store paint). I started by painting the whole model black and dry-brushed Hippo Grey on top of that. I followed that up with a coat of Dolphin Grey and some random spots of Greenisle. The bars on the side of the building I painted with Vallejo Panzer Aces 302 (Dark Rust). I also used a little bit of brown to paint the ladder type pieces on the front of the building.

The Building in Bolt Action

This building looks to be a nice piece for Bolt Action. Below are some showcase pictures of my British army miniatures in the building.

Bolt Action 3rd party terrain six squared studios ruined building Review
The bottom floor easily fits ten Warlord Games Bolt Action miniatures.
Ruined Building Review - 28mm Terrain Bolt Action
The top floor has tons of space and would easily hold a five man squad of soldiers.
Showcase British Forward Observers in Bolt Action
I love this picture of a pair of Observers up in the top of the building. That is where they belong to get the best view of the Battlefield.
28mm Ruined Building Review
An eyes-on-the-table view of soldiers in the Ruined Building.

In terms of scale, this building is nice. I actually like my buildings to be on the larger and the fact that you can fit a full 10-man squad inside the building is a bonus. If you are familiar with Bolt Action terrain, below is a size comparison between this model and the Wrecked House by Warlord Games.

Ruined Building Scale Comparison - Bolt Action
A Size Comparison image between Warlord Games’ Wrecked House and Six Squared Studios’ Ruined Building.

The Ruined Building in Blood and Plunder

I am having fun with this 28mm ruined building review. Below are images of how the building looks with 32mm Blood and Plunder Miniatures by Firelock Games.

Building Terrain Review for Blood & Plunder
The Blood & Plunder Miniatures look pretty nice in this building.

Blood & Plunder remains one of the prettiest games I have ever seen. Check out how nicely these model’s eye level shots turned out. The guys at Firelock Games take a great deal of effort to make their models look really nice.

Blood and Plunder staged pictures
These guys prepare themselves to raid the building knowing full well that the enemy is within.
Ruined Building Terrain Review - Blood and Plunder - Six Squared Studios
Meanwhile, one of the team members rushes ahead of the rest of the group. Looks like he is in trouble!
Wargame Terrain Review - Six Squared Studios 3d Printed Building
This guy at the top is not too worried about fighting. He knows his warriors have things covered.

Don’t those images look great? My friend Brenden had those Blood & Plunder miniatures painted up for me and they look fantastic! Thanks Brenden.

My One Criticism

Overall, I really like this piece of terrain. It is easy to paint, feels durable and looks good on the table.

My one criticism is that there is a bit of a warp in the model I bought. I think this is because I might have bought a prototype, but I am not 100% sure. If you haven’t noticed before, below I point the flaw out.

Terrain Review
If you look at the red arrow, you can see how the second floor has a bend to it. Other than that, this model is great!

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this ruined building review. This piece of terrain by Six Squared Studios is a fine model. I don’t recall the price I paid for this model, but I remember it was very reasonable. Although it is not available on the website yet, if you see them at a convention, you might be able to buy yourself a copy.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. James Manto

    You could fix the warp pre painting by soaking in hot water and then gently bending it straight.

  2. BDub

    I have these models, and have 3d printed several of them. I havent had any issues with warpage, as that tends to be a problem with material and/or extruder temperatures being used, and relatedly the print-bed and ambient air (if you have an enclosure) temp.

    One thing about the model range, I have had to print evereything at about 20-30% (I don’t recall the specific value) above the default model size, in order to better accomodate minis and thier bases. If you look at the first landing on the stairs and the doorway width, they arent wide enough for a typical mini base. I sized the model up until a base could comfortable stand on that landing and/or slip through that doorway.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      That is very cool BDub. I see what you are talking about. The bases on my model are 25mm rounds, which are standard to me.

      Also, thanks for the tips about 3D printing. That will help if I ever get a printer and will likely help some of the people that come here to check out the site too.

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