One of the things that ups the quality of any tabletop game is good terrain. Battle Mats give gamers an easy way to get terrain on the table fast. You can use the mat “as is” and using it as 2D-Terrain, or you can add your own terrain on top. By adding terrain, you enhance the features with 3D-Terrain and add even more to the table. Cigar Box Battle is one such company that specializes in Battle Mats.

Ever since I received my first mats by from them, I have been very impressed with the company. Their Double Sided Plush Mats are also very impressive.

The mats fold away nicely, are easy to carry and look fantastic on the table. You can even place hills underneath the mat to make the hills blend nicely into the tabletop.

A couple of 6′ by 4′ tables with Cigar Box Battle Mats on top of them. They look fantastic!

The company offers a large variety of gaming mats. All of them so far are made of fabric (I think fleece) and there are enough mats to keep Historical, Fantasy and Sci-Fi gamers alike happy.

Using these mats upped the quality of my gaming tables immensely. I also really enjoy using these mats as photography backdrops in many of my Showcase and sometimes Review articles.

In my opinion, this is a company to keep watch! So far, I have been very impressed with what they offer.

This page is dedicated to posts that feature Cigar Box Battle products. These posts may be directly about Cigar Box Battle, or they may just have their mats used as a backdrop in something unrelated.

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