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Samurai Robots Battle Royale Battle Report

Giant Gundam type robots duke it out in this game of Samurai Robots Battle Royale. Ganesha Games writes this rule set and it is in line spirit wise with Song of Blades and Heroes. The biggest difference is that Samurai Robots Battle Royale treats each part of your robot (Head, Torso, Arms, and Legs) like a separate miniature in Song of of Blades of Heroes.

Samurai Robots Battle Royale - Gundam style miniature gaming
Gaming it Gundam Style!!!

The purpose of this post is not to go over the rules. Instead, it is to tell a quick narrative story, and to show off a cool gaming table.

A Cigar Box Battle Gaming Mat - Red Planet for a Battle Mech Game
The gaming table at Broadsword 8. The gaming mat is actually a Sci-Fi Style mat by Cigar Box Battle. I believe this one is called Red Planet.

Broadsword 8

A long time ago, gamers were allowed to go to these events called conventions. There Game Masters hosted players to all sorts of participation games. The story in this post stems from one of those events. Specifically Broadsword 8 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

I certainly hope to see the return of the convention scene after this whole COVID thing gets wrapped up. For now, I am happy safe in my home and catching up on my backlog.

A better look at the tabletop and Cigar Box Battle Gaming Mat - Red Planet for Sci-fi gaming.
Looking across the gaming table during force selection.

The Hunt

At this table, each player controlled two to three mechs. Our objective, to find a famous mech pilot and keep him safe. We played two players a side. Our side had just four mechs because ours were better than our opponents. The opponent brought one or two giant robots to this battle.

Gundam Style Miniatures Game
Here are my two mechs right at the start of the game. The one near the top of the photo took a hard shot and fell over. A bit stunned and a bit damaged, it slowly got back up.
Samurai Robots Battle Royale Battle Report
An aerial shot of the action.
Samurai Robots Battle Royale Battle Report
Sidestepping my attackers, I run my mech to searchable areas looking for the missing Gundam pilot.
Playing games at Broadsword Gaming Convention in Hamilton Ontario
My other mech takes on the attacker that knocked him down. You can see here the fight is turning into a three on one situation against my side. Uh-oh!

Where is my help?

Gundam Miniatures Game
My help parked themselves on our side of the table. He decided to try and play it safe and to take long range shots at the enemy.
Samurai Robots Battle Royale Battle Report
It turns out I went too aggressive is searching for our lost hero. Without aid, this mech found himself in a lot of trouble.

Lending a Helping Hand

Two mechs battle it out in melee combat
My Machine Gunning Robot locked itself into combat with the Bazooka Mech. My teammate made it across the table to start helping out. Well sort of…
Giant stompy miniatures game in play at broadsword 8
You can see here my teammate kept one robot back to snipe at the enemy and both my robot and his second robot took a fall.
Samurai Robots Battle Royale Battle Report
Meanwhile, my other mech decided to give up searching buildings. He found nothing so far. The enemy sent a robot to intercept. At the same time, a large melee mech made its way towards my tied up mech.
Giant Combat Robots Game - Pacific Rim Style Indie Miniatures Game
An ax wielding robot takes the place of the bazooka mech in battling my machine gun warrior. He is so in trouble!
Objective found
One of my opponents found the hero pilot. I believe we were to find the pilot and safely carry him off the board. Given how good the pilot is, both sides wanted him alive.

Circling in on the Action

With the pilot found, all of the Samurai Robots started to close in to the center of the table.

Miniature Wargaming in a large scale
The action started to center in on this central area of the board.
Samurai Robots Battle Royale Battle Report
At this time the battle intensified.
Taking out a mech from behind. Never fails!
I ran one of my mechs behind the bazooka guy and took some shots.
Samurai Robots Battle Royale Battle Report
Got him!!!
Samurai Robots Battle Royale Battle Report
Even my team’s sniper decided to get in on the action. Everyone wanted the honor of rescuing / capturing Garma Zabi.

And the Game Closes

Unfortunately we ran out of time at this point in the battle. It happens. We thanked our opponents for the fun game and helped the organizer put away his belongings. Who would have won? Good question. These robots are all very tough but my opponent was down one hard hitting mech.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me in this Samurai Robots Battle Royale Battle Report. Overall, it was a lot of fun.

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Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Marc

    Nice table! I need play Samurai Robots/Mighty Monsters more often.

    Where are the little red buildings from?

    1. Chris

      Hi Marc, those are from Brigade Models UK’s 6mm sci fi desert range. It’s not the complete set, others are getting painted up more sand desert-y.

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