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How the West Was Eaten!!! Game Report

How the West Was Eaten was a fantastically fun game hosted by the guys from 6 Squared Studios at the Broadsword 2 gaming day. The rules are home brewed and our Game Master for the session was Brad. The premise of the game is that the players are all characters in a wild west town during a Zombie Apocalypse. Each character has their own objective to complete and most make it to the docks in time for evacuation. Many of the town residents have been transformed into Zombies and there was a green light out in the sea growing closer. That green light was Cthulhu, but lets check out how the story unfolded.

Foreshadowing of a coming evil!!
A preview of the game’s climax.

My Character was Pastor Eli. His objective was to check on his congregation in the church before heading to the docks. All the players started in the same area and the Pastor immediately asked for some assistance from the group to get to the church. It was pretty much every player for themselves, but one player agreed to help. I got initiative, so I went first. The other player went next, apologized and went in the completely opposite direction to look for supplies from the General Store.

Check out that character board. The guys from 6 Squared etched those themselves and they look great! It is always a ton of fun to play a game with pretty components.
A long shot of the Board. Players had to get from the bottom left to the Dock at the top left of the table.

Some how, my character ended up way out in front of the group. This is good in someways in that I had make time for a detour to the church that no one else had to follow. It was bad in that I had to deal with some Zombies on my own. Typically I would push them over and run because I had a better chance to push them out of the way than to kill them.

Watch out for Zombies and Cthulhu
I am way out in front of the others here.
Zombies miniatues Game homebrew rules
To escape them, Eli took refuge in a building only to find a foul undead creature with him. Eli shoved that Zombie to the ground and killed it by stomping on his head.
After defeating that Zombie, Eli bolted across the street to a different house only to have them follow him.
He jumped out the back windows, cutting my arm in the process and hid in the “Thunder Box.” Seems like it would be a good place to hide in the event of a Zombie Attack.

Priest vs Zombies
Zombies everywhere and that is my character being surrounded.
Priest vs Zombies
There is Eli rushing towards the bridge. At this time, the player that promised to help me get to the church caught up and started blasting away the Zombies with a shotgun. I was very appreciative that he came back for me during my time of need.  🙂
Church patrons were summoning Cthulhu
Eli got to the Church to find that his congregation was worshiping Cthulhu. Not a pleasant discovery for any preacher. A zombie in the Church bit Eli before being shot to pieces by a sawed-off double-barreled shotgun. Zombies were trying to get in the front door so Eli jumped out the window to escape. The other players suggested Eli give a blood sacrifice to Cthulhu here, but he did not want to take that path of evil.

I realize that it looks like my character was the only one in the game. He was not. There were three to four other players. Eli just happened to have his own path the the others did not have to follow. Below are some pictures of the action the other players saw.

Here we have two players being fully over run by Zombies. Somehow, they fought their way out.
Miniatures Game
I wasn’t the only one searching rooms to find Zombies. Cool little tokens and grain sacks in this room.
This is an awesome looking jail. The character in there killed the Zombie closest to him and while he searched for an object, he had a critical failure and released the Zombie in the cage.  Too funny!
These two really figured things out. They got on top of the roof and started clearing out Zombies for themselves and the others.
Cthulhu Arrives
Here he comes!
Miniature Zombies vs Cowboys
These two guys got off the roof and fought their way to the docks after fighting through a horde of Zombies..
Cthulhu destructing terrain
Cthulhu destructing terrain and heading to cut us off from the approaching boat. So cool!!!
The Riverboat arrives. Time to escape Cthulhu.
The boat arrived, but it is looking like it might be too late.
The priest makes it to the boat
Eli jumps on along with some of the others.
Reaper Bones mini of Cthulhu
What a good game with fantastic looking models. In the end, he was able to claim one of the player characters as a prize. Not everyone got away.

I believe that in the end, all of the players reached the boat, but one was grasped by Cthulhu and would never be seen again on our way out of the port. There might have been another player that didn’t make it on the boat, but I am not 100% sure.

The guys put on a really good game and I like their home brew rules. Brad was telling me that they used an adaptation of these rules once for a star-ship boarding game (which sounds really cool) and he let me know about their current project for their next convention game. I will keep that project under wraps as I don’t want to ruin the “wow” factor.

I hope that my readers have enjoyed this game report. Tune in next time when I give a report about the game of A Fistful of Kung Fu that I ran at this same convention.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hello Pastor Eli

    Excellent after action report (and great pictures). I was that helper that got lost, and I agree this truely was a fun game, fast and full of action & atmosphere. In my own defense, the general store was right next door and I needed equipment. I didn't expect to fall behind more than 1 or maybe 2 turns, but the zombies that everyone else left behind swamped the front door and I had to escape via the roof with a rope. That was also me in the jail and yup, 2 critical failures in a row. I was the only one that didn't make it onto the boat, instead I swam along behind it holding onto an empty wooden barrel. I believe I'm correct in saying – a great time was had by all.

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