If you are looking for Ontario Miniature Gaming Conventions, then you have come to the right place. During the pandemic, this page did not get much love. Now that things are opening up again where I live, I figured I would update it again.

Updated October 23, 2022

Welcome to the Ontario Miniature Gaming Conventions Page

I absolutely love wargaming conventions. Getting miniatures games out into the public’s eye is essential in my opinion to growing the hobby. To help encourage local gaming, we dedicate this page to list all of the upcoming miniature game conventions that we know of in Ontario (Canada). These conventions can focus mainly on Miniature Wargames, Board Games with Miniatures and even RPGs. My main concern is that your convention will feature miniatures games in some capacity.

This page is part of my attempt to help get the games we love out in front of new people.

If you have an upcoming event that you want listed here, please email us the details.

Upcoming Ontario Gaming Conventions in 2022


Sword and Brush

Date and Location: Toronto, Ontario – November 12.

Website: Sword and Brush

The person behind Sword and Brush made a quick promotional video about their upcoming event for 2022. This year it will be a painting contest along with vendors and possibly a Bring and Buy too. Check out the site if you are interested.

Incoming 2022 – Bolt Action Doubles

Date and Location: St. Catharines, Ontario – November 19.

Website: Facebook Page


No Events

Upcoming Ontario Gaming Conventions in 2023





Breakout 2023

Date and Location: Toronto, Ontario – March 17 to 19

Website: Breakout 2023


Date and Location: Stratford, Ontario – March 24 to 26

Website: Hotlead

Hotlead wins its place in my mind as the best gaming convention in South Western Ontario. I absolutely love going to this event.


Ragnarok 3.0

Date and Location: Kitchener, Ontario – April 22 to 23

Website: Ragnarok

This events strives to be the biggest gaming event in the Waterloo Region. They cover games of all sorts from LARPs and RPGs to Miniatures Games and Board Games.



Date and Location: Ottawa, Ontario – May 19 to 21, 2023

Website: CanGames








Events to Keep an Eye On…


Date and Location: Chatham Ontario – September 24th.

Website: KEGSCon 2022 Event Page.

Ran by the Kent-Essex Gaming Society.

LardEhs Game Day 3

Date and Location: Hamilton, Ontario – October 22

Website: Announcement on TwoThreeSixMM.

A Day of TooFatLardies Games.

The Hamilton Tabletop Gaming Bazaar – Sales Day

Date and Location: Hamilton, Ontario – October 23

Website: Facebook Page for the Event

A large garage sale of miniature gaming products in a Legion Hall.

On Parade

Date and Location: Toronto, Ontario – June 12, 2022

Website: ON PARADE

A toy soldier and model show that also includes miniatures from wargames put on by the Ontario Model Soldier Society.


Date and Location: Toronto, Ontario – July 15 – 17, 2022

Website: Breakout

Breakout is a large gaming convention that looks to cover Board Games and RPGs. It also looks like it covers a number of Fantasy Flight Games’ miniatures games.

Canadian Tabletop Championships

Date and Location: Ottawa, Ontario – May 6 to 8, 2022

Website: Canadian Tabletop Championships

This event looks to be a very large and ambitious Tabletop Gaming Tournament Event for many different games. Games listed include Bolt Action, Flames of War, 40K, Age of Sigmar, X-Wing, Armada, Legion, Infinity, Team Yankee, Malifaux and more. They also have a Facebook Page too.


Date and Location: Hamilton, Ontario – Generally a few times a year

Websites: Visit their Facebook Page for Events and the Hamilton Tabletop Gaming Society Page (which is the group that runs the event).


Date and Location: Guelph, Ontario – Generally in April

Website: Gryphcon

This is an event that mostly focused on RPGs and board games, but there is usually some miniatures games there too.

Sword and Brush

Date and Location: Toronto, Ontario – Generally in September.

Website: Sword and Brush

Ontario Miniature Gaming Conventions Reports

The following are links to all of the Conventions for which I wrote up a report. If you haven’t been to a certain convention before and want to get a feel for what the show is like, hopefully these links can help you out.

2019 Ontario Miniature Gaming Conventions

miniature wargaming convention in Hamilton Ontario Canada
Broadsword 8 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Link
Bolt Action Tournament in St Catharines Ontario Canada
Incoming 2019 setup day. Bolt Action Tournament in Ontario. Link.
Bolt Action Tournament Pictures
Incoming 2019 Pictures. Bolt Action Tournament in Ontario. Link.

2018 Ontario Miniature Gaming Conventions

Hotlead 2018 Convention Report - Must Contain Minis
In March of 2018, I attended all three days of Hotlead (in Stratford). What an awesome weekend I had there! Convention Report.
Broadsword 5 Convention Report - Hamilton Gaming Convention 2018 Ontario Canada
Broadsword takes place in Hamilton (Ontario) a few times a year. It is a smaller convention but has a great crowd that turns out along with some great vendors. Convention Report.
SkyCon 2018 Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge Ontario Gaming Convention
This report advertises SkyCon 2018, but it also quickly summarizes SkyCon Light 2018 (in Kitchener) and provides two links to some excellent posts coming from the event. I really recommend that you check out the miniatures of the Hobbit Tournament Post. Convention Report.

2017 Ontario Miniature Gaming Conventions

Broadsword 4 in Hamilton. Convention Report.
Hotlead 2017. Convention Report.

2016 Ontario Miniature Gaming Conventions

Council Fires 2016. Convention Report.
Broadsword 3 in Hamilton. Convention Report.
Broadsword 2. Convention Report.
Over the Top Brantford. Convention Report.
Lords of War Gaming Day – Frostgrave Campaign. Report

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!