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Bolt Action Pictures from INCOMING 2019

In today’s post, we take a look at some pictures from INCOMING 2019 – a Bolt Action Tournament in St. Catharines, Ontario (Canada). This event took place this past Saturday (June 1, 2019).

I really wished that I could have gone, but had other engagements to attend. That said, I still wanted to cover the event on Must Contain Minis. The event organizer allowed me to use his photos from Facebook for this post. Special thanks goes out to the crew of INCOMING 2019 for allowing me to use these pictures.

Pictures from INCOMING 2019…

Again, these are not my own pictures, but rather those of the event organizer. They look pretty cool and I certainly missed a lot of fun action at the event.

Tournament Turn Out for Bolt Action in Ontario - INCOMING 2019
Check out all those people. 20 people test out their skills here in vying for the top spots of the tournament. That is a big change from yesterday’s article about the organizers setting up the event.

Being that I was not at the event, I do apologize if I get some of the details wrong. Please feel free to contact me to correct the information if necessary. The pictures within this article are not trying to tell a story or focus on a strategy or winning list, but rather just images that have a cool factor to them. Now, let’s take a closer look at those minis!

Round One

The pictures here are from the morning session games at the tournament. There are a lot of great looking armies at this event.

US Soldiers sneak around a house in a game of Bolt Action - INCOMING 2019
Here a number of US soldiers take cover behind a house. Looks like the table features a Cigar Box Battle Mat and some houses by 4Ground. Nice!
Bolt Action City Fight - XOLK
Here is a table I love. I would like to do my own version of this someday. Big buildings with lots of cover just appeal to me.
Russian Army Miniatures WW2
20 Russian Soldiers all gathered together before the charge. Someone is in for a world of pain soon.
Desert armies on Bolt Action Tabletop - INCOMING 2019
This desert table I really like. Looks great with those miniatures.
Bolt Action Horse and Wagon Transport - INCOMING 2019
This is something I have never seen in Bolt Action, but would love to play against this army. Someone is using a Horse and Wagon as battlefield transportation. How cool!!!
German 88 Gun at INCOMING 2019 Bolt Action Tournament - INCOMING 2019
This German 88 has got to be one of the coolest Bolt Action models I have seen. Great picture, by the way. 🙂

Round Two

Bolt Action Tournament Pictures - INCOMING 2019
Here sine German Soldiers advance through a field.
INCOMING 2019 pictures
Some American Soldiers advance under the cover of their tank.
British Armoured Car in Bolt Action
A cool looking Battle Board. This British army even took an armoured car. Neat!
Painted Desert soldiers for Bolt Action - INCOMING 2019
These minis just look fantastic! I really like their paint jobs!
Bolt Action Russian Infantry - INCOMING 2019
Again this Russian army sports a lot of infantry models. They would be trouble for my forces to meet on the tabletop!

Round Three

British Airborne Miniatures for Bolt Action - INCOMING 2019 Tournament
Some British Airborne (or perhaps Commando) soldiers.
Super Heavy French Tank in Bolt Action
I don’t see this tank much on the field. I wonder how it performed.
British Troops Advance in Bolt Action - INCOMING 2019
Some British troops moving forward on a table with great scenery.
INCOMING 2019 Tournament Report - Bolt Action
Some soldiers guarding a street.
Desert Terrain for Bolt Action - 28mm - INCOMING 2019
Check out that building. It looks nice!!!
Molotov Cocktail Russian Troops - INCOMING 2019
Plenty of Russian Soldiers with Molotov Cocktails. I bet this army can dish out the pain!

Wrapping it up…

Now, I do know that there were plenty more armies on display at INCOMING 2019 than what I posted in this report. The goal of this article is to share pictures from the tournament with some real serious “cool factor” going for them.

Hopefully you enjoyed looking at these pictures. Special thanks goes out again to the event organizer for allowing me to use them.

If you are in the area, this is a tournament worth looking into the next time that they run the event!

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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    Awesome pics! That 88 crew looks pretty cool indeed.

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    Great photos! Thanks fo rsharing. Looks like it was a great event.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

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