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I set up Must Contain Minis to spread my love of gaming and to promote smaller companies in the gaming market. Of course, this focus is specific to games with miniatures in them, be it a board game or miniatures game. I started the Ontario Miniature Gaming Convention Page to give the local community a resource for gathering together. Now I aim to also help Canadian Businesses extend their reach with this Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies Page.

On this page, I will gather all of the Canadian businesses that I know of that specialize in miniatures. Now, these companies cannot be just retailers. They must be manufacturers in some way.

Sadly enough, COVID-19 encouraged me to create this page. Seeing the decline (and full cancellation) of local gaming conventions, I wanted to help small businesses that relied on those events. Specifically the small shops that make their products here in Canada. I went online searching “Canadian Miniature Manufacturers” and “Canadian Miniature Companies” and came up with mostly retail stores.

That is all well and good, but what about the companies that actually make the products in Canada? This page is an answer to that question. Those companies will now be listed on Must Contain Minis.

In using this page, you can support Canadian businesses and Canadian products.

Quick Links… Full Systems, Miniatures, Terrain, Rule Sets

House Rules

Must Contain Minis is a one-person site. On top of that, I keep busy with my professional career and writing for Bell of Lost Souls.

The goal of this page is to become the best resource for finding Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies. I will be keeping this page up-to-date by checking links and adding to it as I learn of new companies. To keep things manageable, I am implementing the following rules.

Rules to make it on list…

  1. Your business must reside or be headquartered in Canada.
  2. You must have an online store.
  3. You must sell miniatures related products that you make or design in Canada.
  4. The products must be mass produced.

Excluded from the list… 

  1. Commission Painters (unless you manufacture products too).
  2. Custom Terrain Producers (unless you reliably mass-produce the products).
  3. Re-sellers and Retailers (unless you manufacture or sell products of your own).
  4. Etsy, Ebay, Kijiji and related Shops.
  5. Facebook Market Place.
  6. Kickstarter only companies.


  1. Writers with a significant amount of miniature gaming content on either DriveThruRPG or the WargameVault.

I apologize for the small businesses that do not make the list. I need to set in place these rules so I don’t get overwhelmed. Like many of the businesses out there, I am a one-man-shop doing this in my spare time for fun. My aim is to help the gaming community.

How to Get On the List

If you, or a business you know, qualify for the list but do not appear on it, then please let me know. E-Mail would be the best way to do this, but you could also reach out to me by Facebook.

Now, on to that list…

Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies

Below is the list of the Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies of which I know. To make things easier for you, I put in category links so you can jump around the article faster. You will find the following links throughout the article.

Quick Links… Full Systems, Miniatures, Terrain, Rule Sets

As a preface, you might want to touch base with the companies before buying to see how COVID-19 is affecting their deliveries. Recently I have touched base with most of these companies. A few did not get back to me, but the vast majority are open for business and communicating.

In fact, I even placed an order with one of them.

Full Systems

Quick Links… Full Systems, Miniatures, Terrain, Rule Sets

The companies listed under Full Systems all offer rules along with miniature lines for their games. As long as they produce one of those two products, and offer both on their website, they can be listed here.

Crucible Crush

Now here is a company that I really like. Crucible Crush produces the games Flint and Feather, Star Crush and their upcoming game Black Sun. They make their own miniatures for these games, produce their own lines of WW2 and Cthulhu based miniatures and resell many products by different brands. Among those brands is Osprey Games, Warlord Games, North Star Military Figures and more.

Link to Crucible Crush. Link to their Sponsorship Page on Must Contain Minis.

Native American 28mm miniatures - Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies
Some miniatures from Crucible Crush’s Flint and Feather line.

Cardboard Dungeon Games

Cardboard Dungeon Games is an all in one shop for Terrain, Miniatures and Rule Sets. Their rule sets include The Carniverse and an upcoming game called Primevo. They resell Reaper Miniatures, Coat d’arms paint, and TTCombat terrain kits. They also produce their own line of gaming mats for your 6′ by 4′ and your 4′ by 4′ gaming tables.

Link to Cardboard Dungeon Games. Link to their Sponsorship Page on Must Contain Minis.

Carniverse Dinosaur Battle - 28mm miniatures game of survival - Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies
Although posed, this picture does represent a battle that can easily happen in The Carniverse.


RAFM is the company that brought me back into gaming after a long hiatus. They wrote the rules for USX: Modern Day Heroes and Death in the Dark. They also manufacture figures for both games (I use the USX: Miniatures for a number of games) and carry plenty of more figures too. Personally, I can’t say enough on how much I like their Cthulhu and USX: Modern Day Heroes lines of miniatures.

Link to RAFM

USX Modern Day Heroes Starter Set - Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies
The Starter set to RAFM’s USX Modern Day Heroes. I just like the miniatures! Awesome stuff.

Dream Pod 9

Dream Pod 9 is a tabletop wargames manufacturer based in Montreal, with in-house pewter and resin miniatures casting. They also do plastic miniature manufacturing via partners in both Canada and the USA. Their games include Heavy Gear Blitz, Heavy Gear Arena, Badlands Rally, Jovian Wars, and Gear Krieg. On their site you can find links to their free ebook rules and their online store. Come pick up some of their great Canadian Miniatures.

Link to Dream Pod 9.

Dream Pod 9 Miniatures Games - Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies
A showcase of minis and games by Dream Pod 9. Image provided to Must Contain Minis by Dream Pod 9.


Raybox is the maker of a number of games and are currently bringing those games back for a new generation of players to enjoy. They have Legions of Steel on they go now and dice trays that you can buy. I anticipate that they will also bring back their other games in the future too.

Link to Raybox.

Legions of Steel - A Canadian Made Game
A Canadian made miniatures board game – Legions of Steel by Raybox.

Uncle Mike’s Worldwide

If you like cults, Cthulhu or Strange Aeons, here is a very fun company to follow – Uncle Mike’s Worldwide. He wrote the game Strange Aeons and also ran a Kickstarter for the game Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten: Tabletop Cult Skirmishes. If you have not checked out the video on that Kickstarter page, check it out!!! It is a lot of fun in a cheesy and zany way.

Link to Uncle Mike’s Worldwide.

An image from a Battle Report where I actually played Strange Aeons.


Okumarts is a Canadian Company that specializes in Paper Miniatures. They have a massive amount of products available through DriveThruRPG. I even tried my hand at one of his games, Darkfast Dungeons. This company offers it all in paper – Miniatures, Terrain, and Rules. A one stop place for all your paper miniature needs. For those interested, Okumarts has their own forums pages too. You can even join their patreon for more Okumarts fun.

Link to Okumarts Forums. Link to the Okumarts collection on DriveThruRPGOkumarts on Patreon.

Paper craft 28mm dungeon - paper terrain and print and play games. Darkfast Dungeons - made in Canada
You need paper terrain, miniatures or some different rules? Okumarts has it! This is Darkfast Dungeons.


Hardsix Gaming is an up and coming company that sells a line of 36mm miniatures intended for their game Kingdom & Empire. The game is not yet released, but the miniatures are available.

Link to Hardsix Gaming.

A Giant Steampunk Mech by Hardsix Gaming.


Quick Links… Full Systems, Miniatures, Terrain, Rule Sets

Looking for Miniatures? The companies in this section of the Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies list all make them right here in Canada.

Now, these are in addition to the ones listed under Full Systems. The companies in this part of the list make figures, but no rule systems.

Pulp Figures

Pulp Figures makes some of the best pulp miniatures that I have ever seen. Prices are really reasonable too. I bought a number of their miniatures and plan to buy more.

Link to Pulp Figures. Link to their Sponsorship Page on Must Contain Minis.

Pulp Figure 28mm miniatures - Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies
Don’t these minis look great? Pulp Figures are so much fun!

Full Battle Rattle Miniatures

Looking for modern soldiers in 28mm? Full Battle Rattle Miniatures is your company. They have a full line of 28mm modern Canadian Soldier miniatures. They also make a 1/50 scale LAV III armoured vehicle. This is cool stuff!

Link to Full Battle Rattle Miniatures.

Full Battle Rattle - 28mm Modern Canadian Soldiers - Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies
Some 28mm Modern Soldiers straight out of the blister pack. My buddy Dave Lamers painted these guys. So cool!

Die Waffenkammer (JTFM Enterprises)

If you like 28mm World War 2, Die Waffenkammer is for you. They specialize in armour and vehicles in 1/56 scale. You can find plenty of the standard vehicles there plus models that other companies do not make. Well worth checking out. They also make their own line of 28mm Post World War 2 vehicles.

Link to Die Waffenkammer.

A sampling of unpainted models by JFTM Enterprises. Image from their Facebook Page.

Westfalia Miniatures

Westfalia Miniatures makes 28mm /32mm miniatures for fantasy games. They target RPGs and Miniature skirmish games alike. They even have their own rule set, but it is not currently available – they are working on a second edition.

The pictures of their traditionally made miniatures looks great and the company is even giving away free STL files of their new line of Halfling miniatures for 3D printers.

Link to Westfalia Miniatures.

A large force of Halfing Warriors take to the battlefield to take on an even larger force of Kobolds. Westfalia makes all of these miniatures and more.

Relic Miniatures

Relic Miniatures makes 28mm historical miniatures. They are especially well known for their Punic and Hellenistic War Miniatures in pewter.

Link to Relic Miniatures.

A look at some of the minis by Relic Miniatures.

Legion IV Hire

Looking for something really small? Legions IV Hire has 1/285 scale modern and WW2 miniatures, as well as warships in 1/2400 scale. On top of that, they also have more miniature offerings including star-ships and terrain.

Legions 4 Hire Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies
Legions IV Hire has a large range of miniatures and terrain available.

Link to Legions IV Hire.

Harwood Hobbies

Harwood Hobbies makes fantasy miniatures based on Sinbad and Cthulhu inspired miniatures. The miniatures tend to be 30mm to 35mm from head to toe.

Link to Harwood Hobbies.

The logo of Harwood Hobbies.

Kingsford Miniatures

Kingsford Miniatures is a company that makes 28mm Samurai and Gladiator Miniatures. They are located on Canada’s West Coast.

Link to Kingsford Miniatures.

Miniatures made in Canada
The logo of Kingsford Miniatures.

The Tékumel Club

The Tékumel Club produces a range of 28mm miniatures based on M. A. R. Barker’s creations. There are some interesting miniatures here, but not all of them are safe for work.

This online store is also set up differently than the others on this list. It is set up more like an online catalog for a mail order system. You buy by email. I included it on the list because of the volume of miniatures that they produce.

Link to The Tékumel Club.

Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies - The Tekumel Club 28mm miniatures.
One of the miniature sets available from the Tékumel Club. Some creepy horror stuff going on here.

Covered Under Full Systems

The following companies also make their own miniatures, but are profiled under Full Systems.

  • Crucible Crush (Historical North America, Sci-Fi Vietnam, Historical Vietnam, WW2, and more)
  • RAFM (Modern, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Cthulhu and Historical)
  • Dream Pod 9 (Sci-Fi)
  • Uncle Mike’s Worldwide (Cthulhu based and cultists)
  • Okumarts (Paper miniatures)
  • Raybox (Legions of Steel – 35mm Sci-Fi Miniatures)

Terrain and Accessories

Quick Links… Full System, Miniatures, Terrain, Rule Sets

After collecting your miniatures, it is always more fun to play if you also have nice Terrain. The following companies all make or design Terrain right here in Canada.

Many of these companies also make hobby accessories to keep your workstations more organized.


XOLK is an MDF terrain company that I really like. I started by buying a few of their kits and I was very impressed. For the price I paid, the value was great and the buildings look fantastic. I bought a few more pieces and XOLK sent me a number of buildings for review and to use at conventions.

Link to XOLK. Link to their Sponsorship Page on Must Contain Minis.

XOLK MDF Terrain made in Canada
XOLK makes some really amazing MDF Terrain for 28mm gaming. They also have some 15mm kits and accessories too.

Six Squared Studios

Six Squared Studios is yet another company that I really like. These guys circulate in my local convention scene, so I don’t pay for shipping when I purchase from them. That said, I understand that their shipping rates are pretty good within North America. This is yet another company where you get great value when comparing price to the actual product.

Link to Six Squared Studios. Link to their Sponsorship Page on Must Contain Minis.

Sandbags by Six Squared Studios - Miniature Wargaming Terrain made in Canada.
A models eye view from a defense line of sandbags by Six Squared Studios.

Northern Lights Terrain and Gaming Supplies

Northern Lights Terrain specializes in MDF terrain and acrylic gaming aids. They focus mostly on 28mm games but do other scales too. I haven’t tried their products out, but there are a lot of cool looking 28mm MDF buildings on their site in about four different lines – Normandy, Urban Apartments, Western and Sci-Fi. Their offerings keep growing too.

Link to Northern Lights Terrain and Gaming Supplies.

Sci-Fi MDF Terrain for Infinity - Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies
An image of one of the Infinity tables by Northern Lights Terrain and Gaming Supplies. Image from their web-store.

Infinite Dimensions Games

Infinite Dimensions Games is yet another 3D design company that makes me wish that I had a 3D printer. They have some really nice looking models. If you don’t have a 3D printer, they have a number of licensed partners around the world that can print the models off and send them to you.

Link to Infinite Dimensions Games.

A sampling of what is available from Infinite Dimensions Gaming.


M3Studios is another company that makes STL files for 3D printers based out of Canada. Right now, their offerings are Sci-Fi based. The website seems to be down now, but there is a place holder, so I will leave this entry for now.

Link to M3Studios.

M3Studios - Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies
M3Studios offers 3D printer files for Sci-Fi gaming terrain.


TabletopGamerStore.com is a company that I have been tempted to buy from a couple of times, but haven’t yet. They offer really great looking paint table accessories as well as a selection of Tabletop Terrain. They are worth a look.

Link to TabletopGamerStore.com.

Covered Under Other Categories

Many companies make products that fit more than one category. The following companies make their own terrain, but are profiled under Full Systems.

  • Cardboard Dungeon Games (neoprene game mats)
  • Okumarts (paper terrain)

The following company is covered under Miniatures.

  • Legions IV Hire (very small buildings and terrain)
  • Die Waffenkammer (JTFM Enterprises) – (WW2 28mm defenses)

Tools & Accessories

Quick Links… Full System, Miniatures, Terrain, Rule Sets

These are companies that make their own tools and accessories to make working with miniatures easier. This could include decals, organization tools and even gaming tokens.

Light Industries

This is a company I just learned about. They make a few cool things to keep you organized and make your minis look good.

Link to Light Industries.

Vaubanner Graphics

Vaubanner Graphics makes banner for your wargames.

Link to Vaubanner Graphics.

Already Covered

A lot of the terrain companies also make accessories too. Be sure to check out those companies too for more accessories. These companies include…

  • Six Squared Studios
  • XOLK
  • Tabletop Gamer Store

Rule Sets

Quick Links… Full System, Miniatures, Terrain, Rule Sets

These are companies that make their own rule sets. I fully anticipate this section to grow, but these are the companies that I know.

Basically, every company listed under Full Systems also has their own rule sets for their own games.

As I learn of more systems and companies that make rules, they will go here too.

Covered Under Full Systems

The following companies also make their own rules, but are profiled under Full Systems.

  • Crucible Crush (Flint and Feather, Black Sun, Star Crush)
  • RAFM (USX Modern Day Heroes, Charlie Company)
  • Dream Pod 9 (Heavy Gear Blitz, Heavy Gear Arena, Badlands Rally, Jovian Wars, Gear Krieg)
  • Uncle Mike’s Worldwide (Strange Aeons, Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten)
  • Okumarts (Darkfast Dungeons, Snowball Wars, Various Role Playing Games)

Wrapping it up…

There you have it folks! These are all of the miniature gaming companies that I know of producing products in Canada.

If I missed any companies that you feel should be on this Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies list, please let me know. I can be reached by E-Mail or through the Must Contain Minis Facebook Page.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!