Would you like to get news out about your product or some coverage on Must Contain Minis? Perhaps we could help each other out. Welcome to the page for sending review submissions and sponsorship products.

Must Contain Minis is a website that focuses on written content with photographs. Most of the photographs I took, but I also take the submissions of others and pictures from the companies that I write about too. Right now, I aim to publish two to three articles a week.

I am always looking for interesting content to write about on Must Contain Minis. I love looking at new products and sharing those products to my readers. If you have something that you think will fit with the content on Must Contain Minis, please get in touch with me by email. I am especially interested in products to review or showcase on the website.

In particular, I get enjoyment out of sharing content about games that others might consider Indie or Historical. That said, I also like looking at mainstream products too and just want to promote miniature gaming in general with the larger community.

What Must Contain Minis Offers

If you send physical products to Must Contain Minis I will give some coverage of your company. This may take the form of a review, some showcase articles or a series of news pieces about your company. The reviews are honest, and a sent product does not guarantee a positive review.

For the reviews, I found it best to describe the product as I see it. Of course, this means that opinion gets into the article. Oddly enough, I find that some things that I see as negatives, others see as positives. The reverse is also often true. Because of this finding, I do my best to offer a better description to potential buyers of what to expect with your products rather than scoring or rating products. This helps the reader decide on whether your product is something that they want to buy into.

To sweeten the pot even more, we create a section specific to your company on our Highlighted Companies page. From there, you can find a dedicated URL that showcases stories about your products (be it reviews, news or just general stories that have pictures of your pieces). Using this URL, you can easily show your customers a link that showcases your products.

As a note – a number of people help me with the website in addition to myself. There are multiple painters who help paint miniatures for showcases. A few colleagues sometimes provide MCM with point-form reviews that I flush out into a full article.

If you would like to send review submissions or to investigate a potential partnership with Must Contain Minis, please email me at [email protected] or by messaging Must Contain Minis on Facebook.

Must Contain Minis Statistics

In terms of circulation, Must Contain Minis saw 136,937 Page Views in 2021.

On top of the website, Must Contain Minis is also very active on social media. I have the following statistics for my Must Contain Minis Social Media Accounts. These stats are from May 7, 2021.

Products of Interest

If you are a business with a product that you would like to have reviewed or featured on Must Contain Minis, please get in touch with me by email at [email protected]. I would love to see your review submissions. If there is a match, I will give you my mailing address.

Items of particular interest include…

  • Skirmish Level Games
  • Terrain for 28mm gaming
  • Miniatures (preferably in 28 or 32mm)
  • Wargame and Hobby Accessories
  • Items that could be used for a variety of games (especially Bolt Action or Frostgrave)
  • Board Games (but all Most Board Games “Must Contain Minis”)
  • Local Events (Southern and South Western Ontario – Canada)

Advertising on Must Contain Minis

Recently Must Contain Minis received a number of requests for advertising on our website. I would love to help you out, but have decided not to directly provide advertising on the site. Instead, you can do so through the Google Display Advertising Network.

I also found a tutorial video of how to create a Google Display Network Ad Campaign to hopefully make it easier for companies that want to advertise on my site, and other sites like mine.