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Welcome to Must Contain Minis. We do Reviews, News, Showcases and Battle Reports of miniatures and miniature related products. This site does not focus on a specific system, but rather products by many different companies. My aim is for variety and to show you what alternatives might be out there. 

If you want to know what is on the market by companies aside from the biggest player on the market, you have come to the right place. 

Below you will find my latest posts and videos. 

Latest Written Posts

Below are my newest written posts for Must Contain Minis. For more Blog Posts, check out my Written Articles Section of Must Contain Minis. I also write for Bell of Lost Souls. My articles there tend to be shorter and aimed at a more general audience than the posts on this site. If you are interested in my posts there, you can check out my Author Page on BoLS

Old Dominion Kataphraktoi Sprues

Recently I received a set of sprues for the new Old Dominion Kataphraktoi models from Para Bellum Wargames. These minis come three to a pack with Cavalry bases and stands. Like the W'adrhun Hunting Pack that I wrote about in my last post, these miniatures are made of thicker, higher…

W'adrhun Hunting Pack Sprues

Recently I received a set of sprues for the new W'adrhun Hunting Pack from Para Bellum Wargames. These new minis look extremely cool on their website and the sprues are equally impressive. Like all of the newer Para Bellum Releases, these are made of thicker, higher quality plastic than their…

Wargames Atlantic British Riflemen Review

Welcome to this British Riflemen Review of some figures by Wargames Atlantic. Looking for some new miniatures to fit in with your Historical Wargames? Wargames Atlantic may provide an answer through the their many lines of miniatures. In this post, I review Wargames Atlantic's British Riflemen from their Napoleon's Wars…

Apex Hellions Race into Wild West Exodus

Warcradle Studios recently released preview images of their Apex Hellions miniatures for the Enlightened Faction of Wild West Exodus. These new figures are so new at this time, that they are not even up for presale yet. Since I did a review of the Sickle Gyro-Cav that is also for…

Enlightened Sickle Gyro-Cav Miniature Review

Ever heard of a Sickle Gyro-Cav? I hadn't either. In this post, I review the Sickle Gyro-Cav for the Enlightened Faction of Wild West Exodus. Throughout you will see pictures of the mini being built, some scale comparison images and some pictures of the sprues. There is even a video…

Rubicon Viet Cong Fighters Review

Today I review the new Viet Cong Fighters miniatures by Rubicon Models. For me, this is the first time that I have ever looked at these 28mm models. Like the USMC Marines that I looked at in my last review, these figures represent the combatants of the Vietnam War and…

Rubicon USMC Marines Review

Welcome to this Rubicon USMC Marines Review. These new figures come to Must Contain Minis through a friend and are made to represent Soldiers of the United States Marine Core from 1955 to 1975. If you are looking to game the Vietnam War in 28mm, this kit might be worth…

Blood & Steel Preview

Given that you are on Must Contain Minis, you may have heard of Blood & Plunder or Blood & Valor. Firelock Games makes both of these excellent games and are now adding a third their line of historical miniatures games. If you are interested in historical wargames set between 1837…

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Videos are still new Must Contain Minis, but I am very happy with the growth of my YouTube channel so far. 

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Resource Pages

Below are a number of resource pages hosted here on Must Contain Minis. If you click on the question, you will be given information about the page and a link.  

Must Contain Minis hosts the Canadian Miniatures Gaming Companies webpage. This page contains (and links to) all of the Canadian miniatures companies that make some of their own products and have an online store front. You can visit that page to see the Canadian Miniatures Companies listings from here.

Must Contain Minis is ran out of Ontario, Canada. To help gaming in my area, I run the Ontario Miniature Gaming Convention Webpage. If that interests you, head on over and check out the Page.

Right now this game is on a bit of a hiatus due to Lockdowns and COVID-19.

In this comprehensive post, I take a look at many of the gaming tables available on the market. This post is part of my research in my journey to find a table for my gaming space. If you are also looking for a gaming table, you might as well take advantage of my research and links too. 

On this page, I talk about which companies sent products to Must Contain Minis. I also provide quick links there to the stories about the companies on Must Contain Minis and link directly to the companies as well. Head on over to my Highlighted Companies Page to review this resource. 

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