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Pulp Miniatures Review – A New Kid in Town

Update… April 18, 2020. This company now goes by the name

A new miniatures company just entered the market to take on gangsters of the 20s and 30s. The company calls itself “Pulp Miniatures.” There is another company out there called Pulp Figures, but they are not one in the same.

The purpose of this review is to show off the miniatures of a new company. The intent is that after reviewing the content, you can make up your own decision about these miniatures. Hopefully you enjoy the pictures and scale comparison picture at the end.

Special thanks goes out to Frank of Pulp Miniatures for sending these miniatures to me for review. 

The Bosses

In this batch of Miniatures, Frank sent me a couple of his crime bosses. Meet Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano.

28mm Gangster Miniatures Review
Meet Crime Boss Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano.
Charles Luciano Gangster Model - Pulp Miniatures Review
And the back of the model.
28mm Pulp Miniatures Review
This is Owen ‘Owney’ Madden.
Back of the Gangster - 28mm Pulp Figures
And the back of the model.

Of course, every good boss inspires a crew of men to work for him.

The Soldiers

Below are a few of the gang soldiers that the bosses command.

Pulp Miniatures Review
Meet Pep Da Pump. He is ready to pump his enemies full of shotgun pellets.
Pep Da Pump 25mm 28mm miniature
The back of the model.
Lupo the Gangster
Lupo is also ready to shot-up his enemies.
28mm to 25mm Pulp Miniatures Review
Mack the Knife constantly looks for new people to intimidate and extort.

Frank applied an ink to the minis to help pop the details on the unpainted figures. It works pretty good for this Pulp Miniatures Review.

Of course, as with any miniatures review, I like to show a scale comparison of the models to help people make up their own minds about the minis.

Scale Comparison

When I first saw these miniatures, I thought they were a little small to be 28mm. Once I got out some other minis for comparison, I realized that they do fit in as 28mm. That said, they are a bit on the skinnier side (compared to what I usually collect) so they will likely fit in with minis scaled 25mm to 28mm.

Pulp Miniatures 28mm to 25mm miniatures scale comparison - Gangsters
Left to right… A Foundry Miniatures Pirate, Mack the Knife (by Pulp Miniatures), Warlord Games, Pulp Figures, Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano.

As you can see, the minis are the same height (although maybe the Pulp Figures mini would be a little taller if his knees were less bent). The Pulp Miniatures happen to be slimmer than the others.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick review of Pulp Miniatures. Special thanks goes out to Frank again for sending me this sampling of minis.

The objective of this post was to raise awareness of the company and to share some nice pictures to allow readers to make up their own minds about the miniatures.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Pulp Miniatures Review - Gangsters
A final shot of the sample miniatures sent to me by Pulp Miniatures.

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  1. JJ Parus

    Thanks for the review. I was excited about the initial announcement as I game gangsters, but was disappointed with the quality of the sculpts as compared to competitors lines. Having said that I suspect I’ll but them just the same as they are in some respects the same dynamic as a line of minis from a KS (can’t recall the name). Essentially if you are gaming and not doing dioramas where close up viewing or detailed pictures are involved, they look like they’ll paint up fine and the imperfections and lack of detail won’t be an issue when they are on the table and you are an arm’s length or further away.

    As for the current tempest in the teapot over on TMP, it is really no different than a similar situation with Artisan Miniatures and Special Artizan Service Miniatures. Except I’ve seen neither confusion, nor squabbling, nor folks with their knickers in knots.



    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Happy you enjoyed the review. Thanks for the comment.

      It is too bad about people being upset about the name of the company. I wondered if that would happen given what Warbanner (Grey for Now) went through lately, but hopefully that will all sort itself out.

      Thanks again!

  2. Andrés F.

    Thanks for the review!

    I like the theme — who doesn’t like gangsters? — and the guy with the shotgun looks very characterful. However, the rest of the minis are a bit too “cartoony” for me.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Fair enough. Part of my goal was to deliver a review where readers could make up their own minds about the miniatures. When starting as a small company, getting the name out there with some recognition and introducing people to your product is very important.

      Thanks for the comment Andres F.

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