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First Look at DGS Games Miniatures

If you follow my Social Media feeds, you know that DGS Games caught my attention. This small miniatures company produces the game Freeblades. On top of that, whomever their photographer is does a great job. I’ve been sharing a lot of their Facebook Page photos on the Must Contain Minis Facebook Page. A while ago, the company sent me some miniatures for me to look at for this site. This post is a quick look at my first 32mm DGS Games Miniatures. In a way, this post is a quick review of those miniatures.

Now, these miniatures are not yet painted, but I figured that I could talk about the assembly of the models and their details in this post. I’ll have to see if I can get some paint on these models a little later on. They are nice minis really deserving of a good paint job.

Now, let’s take a closer look at those minis.

The Stoneclaw Savage

This mini is really quite nice. It features a Barbarian Rider mounted up on a bear.

DGS Games Stoneclaw Savage Miniature
Check this mini out. A Barbarian on a bear!

The detail work on these miniatures is superb.

DGS Games Miniature Review
The details are so clear and nice. You can even see the wrinkles of the riders forehead in this picture.
Stoneclaw Savage 32mm Miniature Review - Freeblades
Another look at the mini. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to place the hand on the bear or raised in the air. I decided to go with raised. If you look at the website, they went with having his left arm connected to the bear.

This model comes as 5 metal pieces that you glue together. I found this model a little trickier to build as I did not wait long enough for the Super Glue to bond between pieces. In the end, I built this model twice. It fell apart the first time because the glue wasn’t fully cured. The second time I took my time and the model went together nicely. Overall, I found this model moderately difficult to build, but I don’t tend to work with multi-piece miniature figures. While I found it moderately difficult, I don’t think it is a model that anyone should shy away from.

The Stag Warrior

This miniature is quite cool. I can easily envision people using the model as a character (likely as a Druid) in Dungeons and Dragons or as a Wizard in Frostgrave.

Stag Warrior from Freeblades
She wears hand sewn Leather Armour and an antler skull on her head.
Unpainted DGS Games Freeblades Miniatures Showcase
A look at the back of the model. Some neat details there.

This model comes in four metal pieces. I found the construction on this one extremely easy.

The Takar Hunter

The Takar Hunter works with his eagle to scout the land.

Takar Hunter Freeblades model review
The details don’t show as well in the photograph as they do in real life, but his armour contains a lot of nice detail work. That said, if you look to his left eye area, you can see a small mold line that I will have to clean off before the figure gets painted. Generally nothing a file won’t fix though.
DGS Games Miniatures Review - Freeblade models
A look at the side of the model. It is in a much more dynamic pose than the Stag Warrior.
Takar Hunter Miniature - Freeblades
A look at the back of the model. I really like that Eagle.

This miniature actually came with optional parts and a second way I could have built the model. If one chose, one could build this model with the bird’s wings folded in and the sword in hand and ready for battle.

DGS Games Miniatures Model review for Freeblades - 32mm gaming
A look at the optional pieces I did not use in constructing the mini. Some new pieces for the bits box. 🙂

This model came with a total of 6 metal pieces, and you can see that I used just 3 of them. As far as construction, this was another easy model to put together.

The Thief

This female thief is a very nice model. Great details on this figure and even an optional arm to change out what type of treasure she carries.

DGS Games Freeblades miniature thief
Check out that armour. This model will paint up nicely.
Freeblades 32mm Miniature Thief - Perfect for Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder
The backpack comes as a separate piece that you have to glue onto the miniature. It adds some nice dimension to the figure.
DGS Games Miniature Thief Options
Here you can see that you can equip her with a bag of treasure or a large crystal. I went with the bag of treasure.

This model comes as four pieces, but one of the pieces provides an option to the builder. Construction-wise, this was a very easy miniature to build.

The Wandering Wizard

This Wizard looks absolutely cool and would be at home in a number of games. Freeblades, Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Lord of the Rings, Forstgrave. You name it, if it is a fantasy game, this miniature fits the classic Wizard build.

Freeblades 32mm Miniature Wizard
A great looking Wizard.
Back of the Wandering Wizard 32mm mini
I immediately see a ton of usefulness for this model outside of Freeblades. Such a nice looking mini.

This model came as two pieces. The staff has a hand modeled to it and that connects to the body’s arm. The knob on the arm and the hole in the hand did not match up perfectly. I had to hollow out the hand a little more to put this miniature together. I used a pin-vice to do that, but I could have cut away at the knob instead to make it smaller to fit the hand if I wished.

Once I dealt with the hand, this model went together very well.

The Miniatures of DGS Games…

DGS Games Miniatures are very nice. The details are fantastic and plentiful and they go together fairly easily. Normally I avoid multi-part metal miniatures (and instead work with single piece metal and multi-part resin and plastic models). These miniatures all have nubs and knobs to make fitting the pieces together work without the need of pinning the models. That said, I think the bear is a heavy enough model that I probably should have pinned some of the parts together, but I didn’t.

Despite my normal preferences towards plastic, I am really happy that DGS Games sent me these miniatures to review. They go together very well and look fantastic.

The miniatures are meant for the game Freeblades, but they would be great for any number of miniatures agnostic rule-sets. They would even be great for role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and other systems on the market. What do you think of them?

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick review of five figures sent to me from DGS Games. I intend to do a few more posts with these minis in the future. Hopefully I can find someone interested in painting them up for this site so I can properly showcase the models. Failing that, they will go into my list of things to do.

I already have plans for how to paint the thief and intend to see how the Bear Rider fits in with my existing collection of Barbarians.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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