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Review: Paint Rack for Dropper Bottles by Six Squared Studios

For years, I had a hobby area that was functional, but not quite so nice to showcase. In a recent post, I talked about my plans to convert an office into a Craft / Hobby Room. I built the furniture and now want to quickly review for you the paint rack I have been using for a few years.

I bought the paint rack in this review from Six Squared Studios at a local convention. As such, I paid no shipping fees. That said, I am told that they have good shipping rates for customers within North America.

The Paint Rack

Before going further, I want to let my readers know that I am reviewing the old version of Six Squared Studios’ Rack. Since the release of this rack, they have updated the design. You will notice later that I have one criticism of the rack, but I believe the new rack fixes the issue.

I am also looking only at the dropper bottle version of the rack. They also have a version for short pots and version for large pots of miniature paints. On top of different pot size versions of the rack, they also offer stack-able and wall mountable racks in case you would rather store your paints that way.

Now, let’s look closer at this rack.


Paint Rack for miniature painters

Six Squared Studios designed this rack for 17mm dropper bottles. This rack works perfectly with Vallejo, Reaper and Army Painter paints.

Six Squared Studios Dropper Bottle Paint Rack for Miniature Painters

I happened to buy the version with paint brush holders at the back of the rack. If you prefer, you can get this in a version that has no paint brush holders (that one holds 35 paints instead of 24). Overall, it is a slick looking rack to hold your paints. It’s kept me happy for a long time.

Paint Rack Product Shot - Six Squared Studios

As far as assembly goes, I am told that they are easy to put together but I believe this version required the use of a mallet. I am not sure if the current version is the same way. The reason I don’t know is because I bought this from the company already assembled. Lucky for me, it was their last one for the day – so I got their display model.

Filling the Rack

As you would expect, this paint rack holds paints. In my collection, I have Vallejo, old Battlefront Paint and Army Painter Paints. They fit the rack very well.

Miniature Wargame Paint Rack Review
Doesn’t the rack look great with all those paints in it!?

Of course, this rack also hold brushes, so let’s put them in there too.  🙂

Paint Rack Review
A look at the paint rack with brushes inserted.

Overall, this is a very smart looking paint rack that has served me very well for a number of years. So now on to my one criticism about the rack.

My One Criticism

Painting miniatures is not my forte of the hobby. I much prefer building models, followed by reading rules, and playing games. That said, I do engage in all aspects of the craft. Anything that makes painting easier is good in my books. Now I don’t know if it is a real issue, but I would have preferred if the brush holder went deeper to hold onto more of the brush. You can see what I mean in the image below.

Brush holder for miniature painting review criticism
Again, I don’t know if this is a real issue but, see how shallow the paint brush holder is – I am not sure about that. It works, but feels awkward to me. In this picture, I did  a mock up of what the brushes would look like if I drilled through that middle piece. Is that better? I don’t 100% know. I also think this may not be an issue on the new rack but do 100% know about that either. 

I have often thought about drilling through that middle board to make the brushes go down further. The desire was never strong enough to actually carry out the project though.

If you look these paint racks on the Six Squared Studios’ Online Store, you will notice that the current version looks different than the one I own. Again, I bought this when they first came out so the design could be slightly different and the potential issue could have been already fixed. Maybe it is not even really is an issue. I think I might just be being nit-picky.


This paint rack is in great shape even after years of use and being tossed into a box for moving from one house to another. In my old house, I would toss it on a shelf when I was not using the paints. This product hasn’t had it all that easy in my care and there is only one blemish on the whole unit. That blemish was caused by me when I bounced it around without protection a little too much in a moving bin. If you inspect the images, it is on the very top right of the side walls that hold it together.

I know that the back may look funny in the picture above, but that is not a defect. In fact, I believe it is just some left over wood from the cutting process. I never cleaned the excess MDF off of the rack because no one ever saw it (until today). I never felt the need.

Overall, it is strong product that I have enjoyed for a long time.

Wrapping it up…

Overall, I have been very happy with my paint rack by Six Squared Studios. In retrospect, I would have bought the version that holds 35 bottles if I were to buy it over again – simply because I don’t use the brush holders that much.

As I mentioned earlier, the version reviewed here is slightly different than the current version on Six Squared’s Website. That said, this is a strong, affordable and nice looking product to have in your workshop or model painting area.

Review of a Canadian made Paint Rack by Six Squared Studios for painting miniatures

While this product has been absolutely great for me for a number of years, I am planning a major upgrade to my painting area. The new area will likely have a different paint rack solution than the one in this review.

Regardless, I still wanted to show my readers what I was using in the past as it is a good product.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Thor

    I seriously need a painting rack. My desk is a disaster of paints. It’s one of those purchases I’ve been putting off for some reason.

    The one you have looks good and nice review. I agree that the back paintbrush holder is odd. They really should have set another “shelf” in there lower.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      It turns out that the paint brush depth was fixed on the new model, but it also appears that most people go for the extra paint capacity over a brush holder.

      Thanks. Glad that you liked the review. Are there any local to you companies that make paint racks?

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