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Video Review of SAGA Levy Archers – 1 Point

In this very quick post, I want to introduce you to a video review that I did of the Saga Levy Archers (1 Point) by Gripping Beast. If the video below does not play, you can also access it here.

A video review of 12 plastic miniature archers made by Gripping Best.

Below is a description of the video as I wrote on YouTube.

In this video, I take a close look at some miniatures by Gripping Beast for SAGA Age of Vikings. These are actually the first miniatures that I built by Gripping Beast and I quickly compare them to Oathmark and Frostgrave Miniatures. Come join me as I unbox these figures and review the product.

For those wondering, I bought these figures from Cardboard Dungeon Games (link down in the links section below) and I brought them in because I wanted to see how they compared to North Star Military Figures. I will have to look at how they compare to Wargames Atlantic miniatures in a future video.

My First Look at SAGA Miniatures – Review – Gripping Beast Archers – Are they any good?

While I bought these miniatures from Cardboard Dungeon Games, you can also pick them up directly from Gripping Beast and from Wayland Games [Affiliate] too.

Thanks for checking out my video review.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!