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Awesome Renaissance Miniatures by Wargames Atlantic

Looking for some miniatures for your Historical Wargames or to proxy in as Empire models for an old favourite game? Wargames Atlantic has a potential answer for you that comes in the form of some awesome renaissance miniatures. These figures specifically are their Conquistador miniatures.

These miniatures are currently sold alongside their Aztec Warriors, so if you want to play Spanish Conquistadors versus the Aztecs, you can, but when I saw these miniatures, I instantly thought “proxy Empire army” for a well known wargame that is currently not sold but teased that it will be released again.

Wargames Atlantic was kind enough to send me two boxes of these awesome renaissance miniatures and I built them up as a 48 miniature army for SAGA Age of Magic (AKA SAGA Fantasy). For anyone that plays SAGA, I was able to make a 6 point army with the contents of this box and have a few extra figures for drummers and bannermen.

Now, let’s take a closer look at this box set.

The Box and Contents of Wargames Atlantic’s Conquistadors

As you would expect from Wargames Atlantic, the front of the box has some nice artwork on it and pictures of painted minis, while the back of the box shows more painted minis and describes what is in there. If you are wondering what is on the sprues, we will get into that.

The back of Wargames Atlantic Renaissance Conquistadors miniatures. Perfect to use as Proxy Empire miniatures
The back of the box.

Now, let’s get right into those sprues. You get four of each of these.

Wargames Atlantic Conquistadors Frame 1 - The sprue
Here we have the sprue with the bodies.
Wargames Atlantic Conquistadors Frame 2 - the sprues
And some extra heads and weapons.

This box is surprisingly big. Take a look at it compared to a Primaris Space Marine.

The box is twice as high as two primaris space marines on top of each other
This box comes with just 24 minis, but it is packed with tons of extras!

Building the Miniatures

These miniatures are so easy to assemble.

The bodies
There are six different bodies on the frame. When you take a closer look, you have two in light armor, two in medium armor and two in heavy armor. These means that you can make 8 of each armor type in a box. If you are not worried about the type of armor, that is not big deal. If you are worried, you may have to buy two boxes to get 16 heavily armored troops. The weapons were fairly easy to attach. In some cases you need to connect the arms to the weapons, but it worked well in my experience. Not all kits do.

The Finished Conquistador Miniatures

I built these Conquistador Miniatures by Wargames Atlantic with the game SAGA Fantasy (Known as SAGA Age of Magic) in mind. I used the armor level to signify the three levels of soldiers. Light for levies. Medium for Warriors and heavy for my elite troops.

Now, let’s take a look at how the miniatures look.

Proxy Handgunners for Warhammer or any other miniatures game.
I built the light armored soldiers as handgunners. They look great. I built 12 of them. I could have built them as corssbowmen too, but I wanted to give them black powder weapons.
The first group of pikemen
The medium armored guys I built as pikemen. I made 16 of these infantrymen.
Pikemen for SAGA Age of Magic
Here is the other group of pikemen. I am building for SAGA Fantasy, which uses blocks of 8 for regular warriors, 12 for the militia or levies, and 4 for heavy soldiers (AKA Hearthguards).
And here are my hearthguards. I wasn’t worried about their weapons. I did three different groups of them and used there weapons to differentiate them from each other.
The swordsmen with shields
Four more elite warriors.
Two handed swordsmen in 28mm
And the last four. There is not a lot of variation that you can do with these swords on the figures, but those weapons are intimidating to the enemies.
The Warlord
This figure is my warlord.

The miniatures above together represent a 6 point SAGA Age of Magic army perfectly. You could probably squeeze out 7 points if you called some of the bannermen below “lieutenants.”

Looking at the weapons on all of these minis, I think it would be totally acceptable to buy a few boxes of these figures and use them as proxy empire miniatures for Warhammer Fantasy or the 9th Age: Fantasy Battles. Of course, there are many other games these would work in too.

Remember how I mentioned that I had some spare figures left. Here they are.

Drummers and bannermen
These are the extra miniatures I had left over. I figured that I could use them to pad the two pike men units from 8 to 10 miniatures each if I used them for a game like Oathmark. Likewise, I could use the remaining three figures to pad the handgunners up to 15 miniatures instead of 12. Gives some extra flexibility to the units that I built to use them for more than one system.

What Two Boxes of Wargames Atlantic Conquistador Miniatures Builds

Below are the 48 miniatures that I built with two box sets.

The miniatures constructed
The complete army of 48 figures.
Awesome renaissance miniatures by Wargames Atlantic
A look from another angle.

Again, for any of you who play SAGA, this is 6 points worth of figures comprising of…

  • 1 group of levies
  • 2 groups of warriors
  • 3 groups of hearthguards
  • 1 Warlord

With some extra figures in the top left corner.

That works very well for me. Next step would be to actually get in a game. Fingers crossed for someday. I have got in just two games since the start of the pandemic. Carrying on, let’s take a look at how the figures scale up versus other brands.

Scale Comparison

Below is a scale comparison image.

Scale comparison image of Wargames Atlantic Conquistadors miniatures to other figures
The unpainted miniatures are the figures from this review. The painted ones left to right are… a Frostgrave Barbarian, an Oathmark Elf, A Wargames Atlantic Skelton, a Primaris Space Marine.

A Video Review of these Awesome Renaissance Miniatures

If you prefer videos, check out the video version of this post. If the video below does not work, you can find it at this link here.

The video version of my Wargames Atlantic Conquistadors Review.

Wrapping it up…

Overall, I really enjoyed these Conquistador miniatures by Wargames Atlantic. They have nice armaments and I could foresee someone using them as proxy Empire models or as figures for legitimate historical games too. My plan is to use them for SAGA: Age of Magic.

I wanted to build them as soon as I saw that they were published and I am very happy that I was sent a couple of boxes for review. Thank you Wargames Atlantic for sending those. Also, I am not sure if you have seen this, but Wargames Atlantic teamed up with MyMiniFactory recently to bring even more offerings to the market. If you or a friend have a 3D printer, this may be worth checking out.

Hopefully you enjoyed this review and it helps you figure out if these are miniatures that you would like to add to your collection.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!