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Wargames Atlantic Aztec Warriors Review

Welcome to this Aztec Warriors Review. In this post, I take a close look at the new 28mm Aztec miniatures by Wargames Atlantic. For those who don’t know these minis are the second set of their Renaissance line. They pretty much came out at the same time as their very popular 28mm Conquistadors miniatures.

In this review, I have pictures of the minis, sprues and a scale comparison too. At the end of the post, there is even a video version of the review.

Now, let’s take a closer look.

The Wargames Atlantic Aztec Warriors

Below is how Wargames Atlantic describes their Aztec Warriors miniatures.

From the highly ritualistic Flower Wars that were fought to take sacrificial victims, to the brutal battles against the Spanish Conquistadors, the Aztec Empire produced some of the finest warriors of the New World.

This hard plastic box set allows you to build up to 30 warriors equipped with bow, atlatl, machuahuitl, spears, slings, and more along with a variety of body and head types to build many of the warrior types. There are also components to build full command.

Each box includes five of the frames to build 30 figures.

Quote from the product page on Wargames Atlantic.
Front of the box
The Box Art.
The back of the box
The back of the box.

Having seen the box art and product description, let’s move on to what is in the box.

The Aztec Warriors Sprues

Inside the box, we get enough of the sprues below to make 30 miniatures.

Wargames Atlantic Aztec Warriors Sprue - miniatures review
The Aztec Warrior Sprue by Wargames Atlantic.
Plastic frame
The back of the sprue.

I must say that I like the simplicity of these miniatures. They are fairly detailed, but extremely easy to build.

Building the Miniatures

As mentioned above, these are easy to build. No complicated three part two handed weapons here to worry about. Everything is in arm already (aside from the shields).

Building Wargames Atlantic Aztec Warriors miniatures - 28mm
First I cut out all of the parts and cleaned up their sprue connections.
Building the minis
I then glued them together saving the heads for last. Feel free to do it how you wish, but they are certainly on the easy side to build.
6 of the miniatures built
Here is the test batch that I built all standing together. They look nice!

Now, let me show you some closer pictures of these Aztec Warriors.

Aztec Warriors Constructed Miniatures Pictures

Here we have close ups of the minis. Let’s go through them.

An Elite Warrior.

A 28mm warrior
Aztec warrior
If you watch the video, you will see that I had to do some thinking to figure out how those feathers out. There are multiple sets of feathers and each set fits on just one head. You just have to dry fit that part before you glue it on.
28mm Aztec Warrior miniature
28mm Slinger

A Slinger.

A Slinger

Another ranged fighter or hunter.

Review of Wargames Atlantic Aztec Warriors
Aztec Warrior with a throwing weapon

A Warrior armed with a bow.

Aztec Warriors with a bow
Aztec Warrior with a bow

Another Warrior. This time, with a melee weapon.

obsidian sword armed miniature
Pointy hat

One more Elite Warrior to round out the six samples that I built from the kit.

A built mini
An elite warrior

Overall, these minis look really good and I like how simple they are to build. Now, let me show you how they scale up against other miniatures.

Wargames Atlantic Aztec Warriors Scale Comparison

The Wargames Atlantic Aztec Warriors are 28mm in scale. How do they look versus other miniatures, below are some scale comparison images that will answer that question.

Wargames Atlantic Aztec Warriors Scale Comparison to Flint and Feather and Blood & Plunder
All the unpainted minis above are Wargames Atlantic Aztec Warriors. For the Painted figures, we have a 28mm Flint and Feather miniature by Crucible Crush on the left and two figures by Firelock Games on the right.

If you play more Fantasy and Sci-Fi games, here they are versus some other popular figures.

Wargames Atlantic Aztec Warriors Scale Comparison - Space Marines and Frostgrave
We have the unpainted Aztec Warriors here. On the left after the first warrior, we have an unpainted Frostgrave miniature. In the middle, a bronze Song of Ice and Fire Miniature and on the far right, a Primaris Space Marine.

If you want to see more, here is that video review I told you about at the top of the article.

Wargames Atlantic Aztecs Review Video

If the embedded video below does not work, use this link here.

My Video Review of Wargames Atlantic’s Aztec Warriors – 30 miniatures in a single box.

Wrapping it up…

Thank you for joining me for my review of Wargames Atlantic’s Aztecs. Overall, these are some really nice miniatures that I enjoyed building. In terms of difficulty, these are on the easier side of miniatures to build, which is just fine with me.

Special thanks goes to Wargames Atlantic for sending me these minis for review.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!