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The Final Days of Raise the Black – 48 Hours Left

Today marks the final days of the Raise the Black Kickstarter for Blood & Plunder. The guys at Firelock Games continue their phenomenal work. They sailed right past their initial funding goal for Raise the Black and just keep going! According to Mike from Firelock Games, Blood & Plunder: Raise the Black is now the most funded historical miniatures game on Kickstarter – ever.

That is some exciting news. On top of that, they are in their last 48 hours of the campaign. Well, maybe more like the last 44 hours at the time of publishing this article. If this game, with a new 2-Player Starter Set, is something you want to get into, be sure to check them out. There is still time.

Blood & Plunder is one of the prettiest wargames I ever saw. It looks absolutely awesome on the tabletop and the guys at Firelock Games pay a lot of attention to detail.

Unlocked Goals

So far, the guys at Firelock Games did very well with their campaign. They reached almost all of their stretch goals, and there is still a chance that they will unlock more. The images below show what backers unlocked at the time of me writing this article.

Blood & Plunder Raise the Black Kickstarter Goals - 48 hours left
Above are the large goals. More plastic miniatures kits. Two down, one to go!

The unlocks above are for additions that you can add to your pledge. The unlocks below come in every Crew or above pledge level on their Kickstarter. This is basically free swag for helping them out.

I will warn you that the Box of Plunder content list is a long one. To get to the rest of this article, you will have to keep scrolling down.

That is a lot of unlocks. Notice the #12 goal there, they want more YouTube Content. Perhaps I will work to post a new video tomorrow night. 😉

Wow! The guys achieved a lot on this one. Very cool that a lot of the goals for the Box of Plunder were all pretty much “Social Media” related.

New Ask Me Anything Video from Firelock Games

In celebration of their Kickstarter’s final 48 hours, Firelock Games released a new ask me anything with Mike Tuñez.

For your interest, I embedded the video below.

An Ask Me Anything with Mike Tuñez from Firelock Games to celebrate the final 48 hours of the Raise the Black Kickstarter project.

I found it to be an interesting watch – especially the parts talking about their future plans for Blood & Plunder and Firelock Games.

Wrapping it up…

A huge congratulations goes out to the crew of Firelock Games as they sail their Blood & Plunder: Raise the Black Kickstarter into its final 48 hours. If you haven’t checked it out already, you still have a little bit of time to get in on the fun.

There is just something about plastic pirates and their new two-player starter set that really excites me. I really want to see this go into the retail stores, and I think plastics is a great way to go to make the game more accessible to a wider audience.

Thank you again for joining me as I follow Firelock Games’ final days of the Raise the Black Kickstarter journey. If you want more Firelock Games content, I have a good amount of it on Must Contain Minis.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!