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November 2020 Newsletter – Must Contain Minis

Welcome to the November 2020 Newsletter for Must Contain Minis. I found the month of October very busy. I missed a post or two, but I started a new YouTube channel. That new channel took a lot of my focus this month as I published my first 10 videos in under a month’s time.

For now, those videos are narrated slideshows. That will eventually change to include more, but for now, it is my starting point.

So far it seems to be going well.

Of course, I continue to write content for Must Contain Minis and Bell of Lost Souls. Although I didn’t make my goal of 6 times a week (5 on MCM and 1 on BoLS) this month, I came close. If you count the new YouTube videos, I posted even more than my normal schedule.

Highlighted Posts

So what are some of my highlights for October? There are a few posts that I would like to highlight.

The first being a Warhammer Goblins Showcase painted by  Les Mandeville of Underground Painters Desk. He does absolutely fantastic work!

Warhammer Goblin Spearmen painted miniatures showcase - November 2020 Newsletter
These miniatures are painted by Les Mandeville of Underground Painters Desk. Yes, he does commission work.

The next being my preview article of North Star Military Figure’s Skeleton Infantry for Oathmark. This post went over extremely well and was one of my most popular over the past few months. That post alone saw over 1,500 pageviews. That’s pretty good!

Oathmark Skeletons Preview - 28mm Miniatures - November 2020 Newsletter
My Skeleton Infantry Preview was my most popular post on Must Contain Minis for October.

I also wrote up three reviews of wargame terrain by Monster Fight Club. Of those posts, the review of the forest is my personal favourite.

One of the images from my Verdant Forest Review.


This past month, Must Contain Minis kept its eyes on three different Kickstarters. These projects may might interest you.

We have Legions of Steel by Raybox Games, Blood & Plunder: Raise the Black by Firelock Games and Flint and Feather: Contact by Crucible Crush.

Flint and Feather: Contact and Blood & Plunder: Raise the Black both reached their funding goals already. Legions of Steel: Operation Anvil is half way there. If any of them interest you, be sure to check them out. Their direct links are below.

Blood & Plunder: Raise the Black specifically only has a couple of days left to the campaign, so act quick if you want that one.

YouTube Videos

The final subject that I want to cover in this Must Contain Minis November News Letter is my YouTube videos. A lot of effort went into them and each one gets progressively better. I will close out this newsletter with a listing of all the videos that I made during October of 2020.

Wrapping it up…

October was challenging as I took on a fair bit by jumping into YouTube in addition to my MCM and BoLS posts. While I struggled to keep pace with six posts a week between the two sites, I managed to pump out 10 YouTube videos in addition to 20 written posts on Must Contain Minis and 4 posts on Bell of Lost Souls. That makes a total of 34 pieces of content produced in October.

Since I am really trying hard to get the YouTube Channel off the ground, please subscribe to my YouTube channel, to help encourage me to make more content in video format.

This will be in addition to the written content that I will continue to produce. Now, let’s look at my first 10 YouTube videos.

The Videos

After these videos, we will wrap up the newsletter.

My First YouTube Video – A quick discussion of what to expect for the channel.

The last video I made during October. You can see the improvement. I am pretty proud of this one and I am sure that the videos will keep getting better too as I make more.

A look at the Legions of Steel: Operation Anvil Kickstarter Project.

My Space Marines Assault Intercessors and Paint Set unboxing video.

Review of Afghan Warriors by Wargames Atlantic.

Review of Persian Infantry by Wargames Atlantic.

Monster Scenery Terrain Review – Bushes.

Monster Scenery Terrain Review – Rock Hills.

Monster Scenery Terrain Review – Forest.

A video showing off the new Blood & Plunder Kickstarter for a 2-Player Starter Set.

That is a lot of YouTube content for my first month. After a while, I plan to reduce the frequency of the videos to once a week, but for now I am working on building a library of content quickly.

If you haven’t already subscribed, you can help me grow by subscribing to my channel and sharing the videos. Thanks again for reading!

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!