On Kickstarter – Flint and Feather: Contact

On Kickstarter – Flint and Feather: Contact

In this post, I take a quick look at Flint and Feather: Contact on Kickstarter right now by Crucible Crush. For those who do not know, this Kickstarter Campaign expands the gaming world of Flint and Feather (a North American Native Indigenous miniatures game) to include French and English settlers.

If this sounds like your type of thing, or you like the miniatures, this campaign is for you.

Flint and Feather: Contact rule book
A concept preview for the new Flint and Feather: Contact rule book.

This stand alone rulebook lets you play Flint and Feather with Europeans. To include First Nations Warriors too, then the original rulebook is also required to play. So what can you get through this Kickstarter? Let’s take a quick look.

New Miniatures

At the heart of this project is new 28mm miniatures for French and English settlers during the 17th Century. If you are looking for miniatures like this for your collection, be sure to check these guys out.

They have the English…

Flint and Feather: Contact 28mm 17th century miniatures - English
English 17th Century Miniatures.

And they have the French…

Flint and Feather: Contact 28mm 17th century miniatures - French
French Miniatures.

Various Pledge Levels

They have various pledge levels that you can get in on. The best value will be the Officer Pledge Level. This pledge gets you all of the unlocked stretch goals.

Curcible Crush Officer Pledge
Officer Pledge for those who want all of the unlocks.

Next in line is the Hero Pledge that gets you an extra figure and the book unlocks.

Flint and Feather Contact Hero Pledge
The Hero Pledge gets you the book unlocks and a special figure.

They also have a level that gets you just the rule book as a PDF for those of you that just want the rules.

Pledge for just the rulebook as a PDF
Just want the rules, this pledge might be right for you.

They also have a way that you can pledge to buy the miniatures independently of the rules, for those that just want the figures by Bob Murch.

Europe and North America

Crucible Crush is based out of North America. This makes shipping to North America easy for them. For those in the UK, they partnered with North Star Military Figures. This will keep your costs for shipping, duties and other fees down should you also be interested in this Kickstarter.

Wrapping it up…

If you want 28mm 17th Century English and French settler miniatures for North America, then this Kickstarter campaign is for you. In addition to creating new miniatures, in Flint and Feather: Contact, Crucible Crush also brings a new rule book to the table.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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