Kickstarter Campaign have become a very popular way to fund new projects. Some companies use Kickstarter to get their first ideas into production while other established companies tend to use Kickstarter to gage interest in a project and to give backers a good incentive to pre-purchase a product.

Like with anything, there are chances that the project will not work out, so make sure that you can afford the project and know the risks before getting involved.

That said, there are some really cool projects out there to back.

Cigar Box Battle Launches Skirmish Battle Mats

I am not sure if you saw this, but it almost completely escaped me that Cigar Box Battle Launched Skirmish Battle Mats on Kickstarter. In this campaign, they introduce new…

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Stargrave Mercenaries Miniatures Preview

In this post, I give you a quick preview of the new Stargrave Mercenaries Miniatures. Made by North Star Military Figures these miniatures look appealing. Right now, they are part…

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Stargrave Crew Miniatures Preview

In this post, I give you a quick Stargrave Crew Miniatures Preview. The folks at North Star Military Figures have been very busy with their current Nickstarter campaign. If Nickstarter…

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