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Final 48 Hours for Stone Realm Dwarves Kickstarter

Today marks the final 48 hours left in Fireforge Games’ Kickstarter for the Stone Realm Dwarves. If you are after a deal on these Dwarves, or on plastic miniatures by Gripping Beast, Perry Miniatures, North Star Military Figures (and of course Fireforge Games), then check this Kickstarter out before it is over.

On top of funding these Dwarf miniatures, you can get 10 to 20% off on select miniatures. That is pretty cool! I own a number of miniatures by these companies. For those discounts to kick in, you need pledge at the Dwarf Starter Army or above level, but that is still okay. The point of this Kickstarter is to raise funds for a new army of Dwarf miniatures.

Fireforge Games has excellent quality plastic miniatures and I really enjoyed building their undead armies from their Forgotten World line. You can see posts about that in my Fireforge Games section of Must Contain Minis.

Extra deals in the Stone Realm Dwarves Kickstarter Campaign
If you feel like picking up some Dwarves from this Kickstarter, you can also get some deals on some other plastic miniatures that you might also want!

More Left to be Unlocked

With 48 hours left to go in the campaign, the Kickstarter is already funded. That said, there is still more left to unlock.

Next up for them to unlock are these Dwarf Arquebusiers. For some reason, I always like it when Dwarf armies have firearms.

Stone Realm Dwarves - 28mm Dwarf Thunderer proxy miniatures.
Dwarf Arquebusiers. There is just something about Dwarfs and firearms that feels right. I really like those tower shields too.
Parts of Fireforge Games Dwarf Arquebusiers plastic frame
The plastic sprue components preview image for the Dwarf Arquebusiers.

Fireforge Games also has yet to unlock the mounted Dwarf miniatures too. Despite them not at those goal yet, it sounds like they will release the models anyhow afterwards. That is a good thing, but if you want a deal, see if you can help them reach their goals.

You can do that by heading over to their Kickstarter now.

Wrapping it up…

Like I mentioned earlier, the point of this post is just to give you a quick update on the Stone Realm Dwarves Kickstarter.

If you are looking for a Dwarf army, be sure to check this Kickstarter out before it ends. The campaign ends Sunday, June 20, 2021 at 11:05 AM EDT.

If you do miss it, or you just want to check out a cool company, head on over to the Fireforge Games website to see what all they have.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!