Kickstarter Campaign have become a very popular way to fund new projects. Some companies use Kickstarter to get their first ideas into production while other established companies tend to use Kickstarter to gage interest in a project and to give backers a good incentive to pre-purchase a product.

Like with anything, there are chances that the project will not work out, so make sure that you can afford the project and know the risks before getting involved.

That said, there are some really cool projects out there to back.

Carniverse Interview – Gaming in the Modern World with Dinosaurs!

Back on July 30 (2019), I unveiled a really cool Kickstarter called The Carniverse. In today's post, I dive a little deeper into that game with an interview with its…

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Hunt Saboteur Miniature

In this post, I take a look at the Hunt Saboteur Miniature by Tally-Ho Games. They offer this miniature in their newest Kickstarter Campaign. Funding is already achieved, but only…

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