Legions of Steel – Retro fun on Kickstarter!

Legions of Steel – Retro fun on Kickstarter!

Years ago, a new board game came out called Legions  of Steel. That was 1992 and miniatures were not on my radar at that point in time. That said, I knew about the game before the Kickstarter because of Board Game Geek. Well, now the game is back and you can get it on Kickstarter.

This is not the exact same version as the original. It is a new, second edition, version that you can get as either a print-and-play with standees or as a print-and-play with miniatures. If you go for the standee version, the game puts you back just $9 Canadian. The pledge levels with miniatures run from $59 to $199 Canadian.

The game itself was designed as a more advanced Space Hulk type game back in 1992. According to the publisher, this new edition has been streamlined for the modern gaming world. Instead of hunting aliens, the elite commando troops take on robots.

Goal of the Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for Legions of Steel already reached goal. The aim of this project is actually to help fund a second with the profits. The creator hopes to bring the game back out to the market in an all new boxed set. This box would include new miniatures in plastic.

For those saying, wait a second, this kickstarter is for miniatures. True. This is a new run of the original metal miniatures. The hope is that money from this Kickstarter will help fund a second edition boxed set with new miniatures. He also mentioned that he might sell a separate second edition boxed set without the minis for people that already own the metals.

So far, the game is doing well on Kickstarter and fully funded on its first day. For those wondering, these minis are 35mm in scale.

The Legions of Steel Miniatures

I went through the company’s Kickstarter and Facebook pages finding images of what we might expect. Below are some pictures.

Legions of Steel miniature board game
A look at the miniatures in the Core Set Pledge. These minis include 5 G1 Nightmares, 3 Commando Troopers, a Heavy Weapon Commando and a Mark 1 Assault Fiend.
Legions of Steel Kickstarter preview
Some yellow Commando Troops. I like the colour scheme on these guys.
Stalker Bot
A cool stalker. They call this one a Sniperbot.
Power armoured miniature 35mm
The UNE Pioneer PBA. This mini was just unlocked.

Those are some neat and retro looking minis. They kind of have a neat vintage vibe that you can now add back into your collection. After digging through their Facebook page, I found some images of the game in play.

Play Tester Games

Below are some images from their play testers. Not sure if your print-and-play will end up looking this nice, but it looks pretty cool.

Legions of Steel in Play.
Legions of Steel in Play.
35mm space hulk like miniatures game
Another image of the game in play.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoy this quick article of me bringing you something neat that I found on Kickstarter. For more about this game, be sure to check out this Kickstarter Campaign.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!


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  1. Craig Leslie

    Legions of Steel is coming back and I couldn’t be happier! I think the concept behind the first Kickstarter is great – it gives collectors and players of the original game a chance to expand their inventory of the classic minis, while helping to raise funds for the rerelease of the updated game later on in the year.

    And from what I’ve read and the art I’ve seen thus far, the revamped Legions of Steel is going to be incredible!

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