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4th Edition Flames of War is Coming!!!

This week has been a big treat for anyone that follows Wargames on the Web. A lot of exciting stuff has been announced this week. The two main highlights for me include Battlefront Announcing a 4th Edition for Flames of War (World War 2) and Rogue Stars finally being available for purchase at the retail level. Rogue Stars, I reviewed recently, so I will take a look closer at Flames of War today.

Logo for the New Flames of War Edition. Image from the Flames of War Website.
Now Flames of War is a game that I have loved since the start of Third Edition. To be honest, I actually bought in during Second Edition but never played until Third Edition. Lately I have been playing a lot more Bolt Action because I find it simpler and I have really been enjoying myself in that game. I really like fact that Battlefront is going to streamline and slim-down the rules in Flames of War. What exactly that will mean I do not know yet. It is based off of Team Yankee, but that is a game that I never really followed so this will be all new to me.
There is an interesting article over on the Battlefront site called “The New Flames of War in Ten Quick Points” that may be of interest to my readers. I find it interesting that they are starting with Mid-War. Mid-War really captures my imagination and I have always wanted to do a Desert Rats Army with LRDG Trucks and Jeeps. Maybe this will give me that motivation.
I also wonder if Battlefront will do a new starter set for this game and what that would include. The Open Fire starter set for Third Edition was an absolutely fantastic buy and I will still recommend that to anyone interested in Flames of War. I got a full British and a full German army by buying those sets. I think it would be really neat to see a starter box similar to Open Fire aimed at a different period of the war than Late War. Time will tell with what we get.
My current collection of Flames of War includes two fully painted German Armies and two full (but not yet fully painted) British armies. Of the German Armies, one is a Grenadier Army that I could use for Early War right up to Late War and the other is a Schwere Panzerjager Company good for Late War. My British might be usable for Mid-War Italy as a Sherman Company, but they are really focused on Late War. I have a Rifle Company with RAM Kangaroo Transports and a Full Sherman Company too.
Personally, I think I would really enjoy revisiting Flames of War. The new Edition should be coming out in March. In the meantime, look forward to more unit Showcases focusing on Flames of War appearing on this site.
As a quick reminder, Osprey is doing a Contest from now until December 31 (2016) for painted World War 2 Miniatures. If you have a miniature that you have a model that you painted inspired by one of their books, send them a picture for a chance at an absolutely awesome prize pack!!!
Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!
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