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Oathmark Elf Light Infantry Preview

Going through Facebook, I found some new preview images that I want to share. These preview images are of the new Oathmark Elf Light Infantry by North Star Military Figures. For more about Oathmark, check out my post about North Star releasing the game early.

Although these miniatures are not out yet, they are expected out at the end of April. That said, who knows how things will go due to the Coronavirus. I know COVID-19 certainly has turned things upside down where I live and across the rest of the world too.

For those wondering, I found these images on the Oathmark Players Group and North Star Military Figures Page on Facebook and wanted to share them here on Must Contain Minis.

Plastic unpainted Light Elves by Osprey Games and North Star Military Figures
A sampling of assembled Plastic Elf Light Infantry. These guys would be nimble and able to move through rough terrain without penalty. You can arm them with bows to make them Rangers or a sword and shield to make them Pathfinders. Either way, a nice option to include in your army.

These are some neat looking miniatures. I was surprised to see their faces covered with scarfs, but that is kind of a cool looking feature on these models. Given that the elf features do not look too prominent here, I almost wonder if you could double these figures as human if you don’t feel like playing an elf army.

The Light Elf Sprue

Here is what I like to see when buying models. The sprues. It lets me know exactly what I am getting myself to build.

Oathmark Elf Light Infantry Sprue
Here we have the parts of the Oathmark Elf Light Infantry figures right on the Sprue. North Star Military Figures certainly takes good pictures of their sprues!

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this Oathmark Elf Light Infantry preview post. The models certainly look interesting. What do you think of them?

For more on Oathmark, be sure to check out my post about North Star releasing the rules to the game early. On top of that, the article links together my other Oathmark articles to one place.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!


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