You are currently viewing Frostgrave AAR: The Breeding Pit (Into the Breeding Pits)

Frostgrave AAR: The Breeding Pit (Into the Breeding Pits)

A while ago, Dave, Randall and I played a three game campaign day of Frostgrave: Into the Breeding Pits. This Battle Report is of our second game.

Forstgave Into the Breeding Pits AAR (Battle Report of The Breeding Pit)
The Map we used for “The Breeding Pit” scenario.

Just as in our last game, we used the TerraTiles: Tundras and Wastelands set as our terrain. This time, we used the tiles as a dungeon. Here, we used three stair cases and one cave entrance (front middle of the picture) as the entrances and exits to the dungeon.

We used the same warbands as the last game with slight improvements to our stats and spell casting abilities. The scenario we played this time was “The Breeding Pit.” In this dungeon based scenario, new wandering monsters appear every round. We house ruled, as in the last game, that the Crumble Spell could create entrances through the cave walls to other areas. We played with all of the optional rules.

As far as treasure layout, we set up the treasures as below. Each red dot on the map represents a treasure. One of the three treasures on the left Dave created with a Reveal Secret spell.

Frostgrave Battle Report - The Breeding Pit
The Red Dots represent where the treasures were set out.

For a refresher, below are pictures of the warbands from our last adventure.

Frostgrave Necromancer Warband
Jacob’s Necromancer, the Undertaker, and his warband. The big guy on the right is his Captain. The warband consists of a Necromancer, an Apprentice, 2 Theifs, 2 Javelineers, 1 Marksman, 1 Templar, 1 Treasure Hunter and a Captain


Frostgrave Illusionist Warband
Dave’s Illusionist, Beorncrom the Quick, and his warband of Barbarians. His warband consists of an Illusionist and his Apprentice, 4 Thugs, 1 Crossbowman, 1 Assassin, and a Treasure Hunter


Frostgrave Sigilist Warband
Randall’s Sigilist, Sister Beatrice (Keeper of the Word), and her warband. Her warband consists of Sister Beatrice, an Apprentice, 1 Treasure Hunter, 2 Thugs, 1 Templar, and an Assassin.

Now back to “The Breeding Pit.” Below is an image of the agreed upon deployment zones.

Frostgrave Deployment Zones - AAR on TerraTiles
Deployment Zones in Yellow. Treasures in Red.

Right off the top, the Undertaker was very aggressive. He sent his first group out for the treasure immediately to his left and cast Crumble on the nearby wall to create an entrance to the treasure on the bottom left (in Beorncrom’s area). On his Apprentice’s turn the Apprentice cast Crumble on the cave wall in front of him to create an entrance to another area of the caverns.

Frostgrave Battle Report
The Undertaker goes for the closest treasure and creates an opening for his minions to contest one of Beorncrom’s treasures.


Frostgrave AAR
The Apprentice would cast crumble on the wall in front of him to contest the treasure in the middle of the table. Meanwhile, a Thief in the group heads to the right to pick up the near by treasure.

While the Undertaker goes for the closest treasures, so to does his opponents.

Sigilist Warband in Play - Frostgrave AAR
Sister Beatrice’s group decides how to proceed. Looks pretty straight forward to me.  😉

The Undertaker proceeds into Beorncrom’s area and finds his split force over-powered. Beorncrom and the Undertaker make a pact to call off the fight and to allow Beorncrom to take the three treasures in his area.

Frostgrave Barbarian Warband
Beorncrom’s group is the first to exit the map and load up on all three treasures in their playing area.

Having conceded the bottom left treasure to Beorncrom, the Undertaker doubles his efforts to take the treasure in the middle of the table. Meanwhile, a new monster enters the board every round. The first (and only) casualty of this game is the Undertaker’s Zombie near the centre treasure.

Zombie takes out Zombie in Frostgrave
A Zombie Troll takes out the Undertaker’s Zombie. Hardly seams fair.
Teddy for Malifaux in Frostgrave
At the end of the round, another monster spawns on the board. This time it is a Bear. For those that know Malifaux Figures, we used Teddy to represent a Bear. He looks horrifying!
Frostgrave Battle Report
The warband makes a cautious withdraw while carrying the treasure. Two big beasts currently threaten the treasure carrier.

With so many creatures in the middle of the table, Sister Beatrice decides not to make a move on a second treasure. She instead withdraws her warband with just one treasure. Sadly, a Snow Leopard enters the battle right in front of her exit.

Frostgrave Battle Report on TerraTiles
A Snow Leopard blocks Sister Beatrice’s exit.


Snow Leopard vs Wizard
Sister Beatrice is not scared, but is sad that she has to take out one of nature’s creatures to safely leave the cave.
The Templar and Captain take out a monster in Frostgrave
The Captain and Templar take out the Bear while a Marksman holds off the Zombie Troll. The treasure bearer works his way towards the exit.


Forstgrave AAR
To end, the Marksman and Treasure Hunter take out the Zombie Troll while the others make their way out of the cave system. Sister Beatrice has already left and Beorncrom is well on his way out of the caves with three treasures. Another Creature spawns. This time it is a Large Construct.

All three of the warbands exit the map without much fighting. There were no casualties (aside from a single, throwaway, Zombie in the Undertaker’s warband). In fact, there was almost no player-on-player conflict. Sister Beatrice stayed out of the battle while the Undertaker and Beorncrom reached a truce. No side took a casualty (the Zombie does not count).

While there was limited player-on-player battles, the game system itself challenged the Undertaker’s warband specifically. Both Beorncrom and the Undertaker make it off the board with three treasures a piece. Sister Beatrice was happy to exit with just one treasure without any incidents.

Overall, this was yet another fun game of Frostgrave. The players spent their experience to level up a couple of stats and better their spell casting. The Undertaker specifically took another level in fight and learned Flash (figured it made thematic sense since he is carrying a lantern).

Having played so many games with combat oriented Wizards, I was finding it pretty refreshing to play with three “non-combat” focused wizards. The deadliest spell any of the Wizards has is Furious Quill. Although there were no casualties in this game, the same would not hold true for the next…

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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