You are currently viewing Review: Highland Special Weapons by Pulp Figures (Alternative 28mm WW2 Miniatures)

Review: Highland Special Weapons by Pulp Figures (Alternative 28mm WW2 Miniatures)

One of the companies that I really like is Pulp Figures. This is the company of sculptor Bob Murch, who has done plenty of work for other companies including RAFM and Crucible Crush. Today, we take a look and give a bit of a review of his British Empire: Highland Special Weapons pack (PBT 11).

Review of Pulp Figures WW2 British Highland Special Weapons Miniatures
A Review of PULP FIGURES 28mm Highland Special Weapons Pack (from the British Empire Line – PBT 11)

These miniatures are the second pack of miniatures that I bought by Pulp Figures. The first was the Highland Rifles Pack. For both sets of miniatures, I bought them at conventions from a booth ran by Crucible Crush.

Even unpainted, these miniatures look pretty sharp. There are lots of raised details and the miniatures themselves look very appealing.

WW2 Soldiers in Kilts Unpainted
My unpainted British Highland Special Weapons miniatures. The detail levels on these miniatures are nice and pronounced. The miniatures paint up very quickly and look great. You can see in the picture above that I cut off the integrated stands, but leave a portion of the stand just under the figures’ feet. This extra height raises the miniatures above the terrain effects that I add to the base. and gives a “larger than life” look and feel.

Once I paint the miniatures with a simple paint scheme, they look fantastic on the gaming table. Below is a picture of my painted miniatures. After that, is a picture of how the figures look painted on Pulp Figures’ website. The reason I included the second picture is to give my readers an idea of how good these figures can look when painted by a true expert.

WW2 Soliders in Kilts Painted
My painted Highland miniatures. I am very happy with them and they look great on the Bolt Action gaming table.


Painted Highland Infantry
Above is how the miniatures are painted on Pulp Figures’ website. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Now, let’s take a closer look at the minis that I painted.

Painted British Soldier - WW2
Just love the movement sculpted into this mini. Looks great!


WW2 Miniature Review - British Soldier
Often, I use this guy as the leader of my Commando Squad.


Alternative Figures for Bolt Action - British
Great details all around the mini including pleats on the kilt. I really like how raised all of the details are on these miniatures. It makes painting them that much easier.


Bren Gunner Miniature
The Bren Gunner.


Bren Gunner
A look at the back of the model. Again, the way the raised details make these miniatures extremely easy to paint.
Boy's Anti-Tank Rifle Proxy Miniature for Bolt Action
A British Soldier firing a Boy’s Anti-Tank Rifle from the hip.

I have heard some historical fans complain about this mini. They state that a man firing a Boy’s Anti-Tank Rifle from the hip is unrealistic. Personally, I really like this miniature and think he feels just a little larger than life. 🙂


British Soldier with a Lewis Machine Gun
A soldier with a Lewis Gun.


British Soldier with a Lewis Machine Gun
No backpack on this one, but look at how raised the shoulder straps are for the bags. So easy to paint!!!

These miniatures look great and I really like how easy they are to paint. In the hands of a skilled painter, I am sure some real great work can be done with these figures. Scale-wise, they fit right in with Bolt Action. Below are some comparison shots between Warlord Games and Pulp Figures.

Please keep in mind that I keep part of the integrated bases on the minis to make them a little larger than life (and to help them stand out from the terrain on the base). The Warlord Plastics do not have this same base and that is the reason why they might look just a hair shorter. For the most part, they fit together well for scale.

Scale Comparison - Pulp Figures to Warlord Games (Bolt Action)
On the left is a Bren Gunner by Warlord Games (for Bolt Action) and on the right is a Pulp Figures Bren Gunner.


Scale Comparison - Pulp Figures to Warlord Games (Bolt Action)
On the left is a Pulp Figures SMG soldier. On the right, an SMG gunner by Warlord Games.

Overall, these are really great miniatures and I ]like them a lot. I use them as a Commando section in Bolt Action. Below is a picture of the two sets of miniatures together (the Highland Rifles and the Highland Special Weapons) to form a unit.

Alternative Miniatures for Bolt Action - British Soldiers / Commandos
My Highland Soldiers by Pulp Figures. Here we have the Rifles pack along with the Special Weapons pack to form a small unit. The unit is packing a tad too many heavy guns so I run the group as a 6 to 8 man Commando squad with an additional Boy’s Anti-Tank Rifle Team.

To complete this collection, I will have to buy the Highland Infantry Command the next time that I see Crucible Crush at a show. That pack gives five more WW2 era Highland miniatures including a Rifleman, a Bagpiper, and 3 different Commanders (armed with pistols). Below is a picture of that collection from Pulp Figures’ website.

Pulp Figures Highland Infantry Command Miniatures
The Highland Infantry Command set by Pulp Figures (PBT 12). Picture from Pulp Figures’ website.

While I use these miniatures for Bolt Action, Pulp Figures actively encourages people to play games by the Pulp Action Library as well as Pulp Alley and other companies.

If you haven’t checked them out, head on over to their website and look around their catalogue. They have a number of miniatures that would make great proxy figures for Bolt Action and Konflikt ’47.

For my friends overseas, these miniatures are available through North Star Military Figures.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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