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Spotlight on Highland Infantry Command by Pulp Figures (British WW2)

In this spotlight, we take a quick look at a five pack of miniatures by Pulp Figures. This set is their PBT 12 (The British Empire: Highland Infantry Command) pack. Special thanks goes to Pulp Figures for sending me these miniatures. They will complete the set of figures that I use as kilted commandos for Bolt Action (a 28mm WW2 wargame).

These miniatures are very clean right out of the package. There was minimal cleanup required. Below is how they came out directly from the package.

Pulp Figures British Highland Infantry Command
The miniatures of Pulp Figures PBT 12 (The British Empire: Highland Infantry Command) directly out of the package.

Although they don’t come with bases, I have a number of Renedra bases that I can use to make them match my Bolt Action miniatures. Now let’s take a closer look at these figures.

The Miniatures

British Commander in a Kilt (WW2 28mm Miniature)
The Commander
British Commander for Bolt Action by Pulp Figures
The second Commander.
British Commander in Kilt Bolt Action
The back of the above model
A pistol armed soldier for 28mm WW2
A third Commander. Notice that all three Commanders are armed with a pistol. That may be important if you play WYSIWYG.
British Commando solider in a kilt for Bolt Action and other 28mm WW2 Wargames
Every infantry set needs a miniature with a man pointing. “That way boys!!!”
Back of a British Rifle miniature in a kilt (ww2)
The back side of the above model. This guy is certainly going to make my Commando Rifle squad.
Bolt Action Lieutenant in a Kilt
I like this figure so much that I had to show another angle.   🙂
Miniature of a British WW2 Commando taking Bagpipes into battle.
Gotta love this model. I am sure that the bagpipes inspired fear into the enemies of the British. This model is also armed with a pistol.  🙂

As you can see above, even with minimal cleaning, these Highland Infantry models look great. They will be even better once I get some paint on them.

Personally, I like these miniatures a lot. They look fantastic, are chunky and will paint up well. The only bad thing that I see is that if you are a WYSIWYG player where the models are armed with the exact weapons that they are carrying, then four of the five models are armed with pistols. Not a terrible thing. If you use them as your force’s true Command team, you may like that they are armed with pistols as it makes them less of a target and encourages you to use them as intended rather than as a weapons team.

The models themselves carry chunkier weapons than Bolt Action figures do, so if you want to fit a Bolt Action rifle onto one of these models, the end result will look off. As a result, I plan to use the pistol wielding soldiers as either true Commanders or as the loader in special weapons teams. That said, I tend to play casually so I might also just tell my opponent that they have SMGs and in most cases, they will be okay with that declaration.

The Collection

The British Empire: Highland Infantry Command figures complete my collection of British WW2 Kilted Warriors. I use these figures as Commandos in Bolt Action. If you are interested in the other miniatures of this collection, check the links below.

Review: Highland Special Weapons by Pulp Figures.
Highland Infantry Rifles by Pulp Figures
Review: Highland Infantry Rifles by Pulp Figures.
British 28mm Highland Infantry Command in Kilts for Bolt Action and other WW2 Games
The Highland Infantry Commanders

In total, this gives me 15 British WW2 miniatures in Kilts. Each figure has a separate pose and sculpt. Not bad at all.

If you are curious of how the command figures might look once painted, below is a picture of how Pulp Figures has them painted on their website.

Highland Infantry Command as painted by Pulp Figures
As found on Pulp Figures Website.

Special Thanks

Special thanks goes out to both Pulp Figures and Cigar Box Battle for this post.

Pulp Figures supplied Must Contain Minis with their PBT 12 pack of miniatures (British Highland Infantry Command) to see what we would do with them. These miniatures look great and will find their way into my squad of “Kilted Commandos” for Bolt Action.

Cigar Box Battle sent us the battle mat we used as a back drop in this post.

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