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Hunt Saboteur Miniature

In this post, I take a look at the Hunt Saboteur Miniature by Tally-Ho Games. They offer this miniature in their newest Kickstarter Campaign. Funding is already achieved, but only a few days remain. Be sure to check the campaign out if these unique miniatures interest you.

Special thanks goes out to Tally-Ho Games for sending me these miniatures. Today I focus specifically on the Hunt Saboteur (or Activist) miniature.

As a note, I am am not the best painter out there. I aim for a tabletop standard that keeps me happy. That said, I am going to go through my colour selection and paint process in this post. Hopefully you enjoy reading this article. Regardless, these are some nice miniatures for the tabletop. They are sized in line for 28mm.

The Sprue

Now Tally-Ho Games gave me a sample copy of the mini pre-Kickstarter. They tell me that the final release products will be of the same quality. What they gave me is nice, clear and crisp. below are a couple of pictures that you might recognize from my post introducing the campaign.

Hunt Saboteur miniature - Tally Ho Games
A shot of the fox, hound and saboteur miniatures currently available on Kickstarter from Tally-Ho Games.

I figured that I might as well paint them up and see how they turn out. So far, I completed the Hunt Saboteur and based the minis on 25mm rounds.

Base Painting

To start, I gave the mini a base paint job. I used Vellejo paints in the following colours… German Cameo Beige (sweater), Basic Skin Tone, British Battledress (paints and top), Dark Sand (hair and whip) and Black Grey (boots, gloves and scarf).

Painting at my HobbyZone Table
The Base Colours on my Hunt Saboteur Miniature.
Hunt Saboteur Miniature Base Colours
The back side of the model.

I followed up the base colours with some shading.


To shade the miniature, I used two layers of GW Nuln Oil. Usually I use one, but I was not happy with the first layer and wanted more contrast on the model.

Painting my 28mm Hunt Saboteur Miniature
The miniature after a couple coats of Nuln Oil.
Nuln Oil Shading for Miniature Painting
And the back side of the miniature.


After shading a miniature, I proceed to highlight the model. Sometimes it feels silly because you already painted the model (and it feels like you are doing double the work), but the result is worth the effort. To highlight, I go back over the shaded miniature with the exact same colours I painted it with in the first place. Of course, I place various amounts of paint on different parts of the miniature to achieve the lighting effects that I am after.

28mm Activist Miniature - Green Peace, PETA, Fox Hunt Saboteur - 28mm
This mini turned out pretty nice.
How to paint a 28mm Miniature
Overall, I am very happy with how this mini looks. It is acceptable for tabletop quality for sure.

The Finished Miniature

To finish the miniature, I paint its base with Vallejo Flat Earth and glue various basing materials to that. Specifically I used green flock and static grass for this miniature.

Hunt Saboteur Miniature - 28mm Modern Activist
Looks good to me! A nice model to a good tabletop standard. A couple of shots below is a picture from a little further away. It looks great.
Tally-Ho Games Kickstarter Miniature
The back of the miniature.
Painted 28mm Modern Activist / Hunt Saboteur Miniature
When you apply static grass, be sure to check the mini and remove any that still remains on the miniature. I missed some flecks that can be seen in this picture. Not a big deal. It blows away. Still looks good though. Looks absolutely great a tabletop distance.

Wrapping it up…

Overall, the Hunt Saboteur Mini from Tally-Ho Games’ Kickstarter is a really nice miniature. I painted it up quickly and am happy with the results. It will make for a unique miniature on my tabletop for a number of different games. She is purposely built for Hunt Saboteur and will also fit in nicely as a modern activist or maybe even as some sort of cyber-hacker for another upcoming game.

The fox and hound miniatures are also very cool. I have not yet painted the fox because I don’t have the right colours in Vallejo paints. I am not going to use craft store paints on such nice minis. The hound, I still have to decide on a colour scheme for that miniature.

Fox Hound and Hunt Saboteur 28mm miniatures
The Hunt Saboteur Miniature along with a Fox and Hound. Nice Models. Thanks Tally-Ho Games for letting me check them out.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!


Remember, if you participate in a Kickstarter, be sure that you are aware of, and okay with, the risks involved in the campaign. 

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  1. Thor

    Simple but effective. This was how I painted most of my 40K stuff for years and years (base coat, wash, and highlight). It does the job and looks decent.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Thanks Thor. I am sure my style will improve with time. 🙂

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