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Frostgrave at Hotlead 2019

In this post, I discuss the games I ran of Frostgrave at Hotlead 2019.

I really like to run games at conventions. For this convention season, I ran two simultaneous games of Frostgrave at three separate conventions. Those games all went well and this is my first report of those outings. To see the reasoning behind why I chose to run two simultaneous games at once (instead of one big game), please see my post about looking to the past to move forward.


For those that don’t know, Hotlead is one of my favourite gaming events. It is local to me and often draws in over 300 gamers per weekend. This year they celebrated their 25th year of running the event and I had a great time. To celebrate, they gave out some great miniatures of a WW2 British Soldier drinking tea by Pulp Figures.

How cool is that guy? Hotlead gave this figure by Pulp Figures out free to celebrate their 25th year running the event. This guy will make it into my Bolt Action British Army for sure. Image from Pulp Figures’ website. This figure is now available with purchase of two miniature packs or more from Pulp Figures. That is, until June 6 (2019) – at which time the miniature will be retired.

On top of the free figure, the Hotlead crew also gave out cake and ran a fantastic event. Thanks goes out to the organizers.

I must admit though, that I went a little bit off topic. Now let’s get back to Frostgrave.

Frostgrave at Hotlead 2019

Circling back to Frostgrave at Hotlead 2019, one of the things that I love about Osprey Games is that their games are miniatures agnostic. You can use whatever miniatures you want. That means that I can pull out my entire collection of miniatures and bring out a little bit of everything. It certainly makes it easier to get a table ready for convention gaming. It also gives me an opportunity to showcase products sent in to me by various companies to the public.

Frostgrave Demo Table
What a great looking Frostgrave Demo Table. Lots of representation of various companies here. That’s one of the great advantages of Miniatures Agnostic games.

The terrain on the table to the left is homemade. The terrain on the right is all by XOLK. The gaming mat is by Cigar Box Battle. All great stuff. The miniatures in this demo game come from many sources. I have miniatures by RAFM, Reaper Miniatures, North Star Military Figures and a few other companies too.

Running two games went very well. The group at one table knew the rules and were fairly self sufficient. They got in two full games with leveling up in-between during my allotted time. I found that very satisfying.

The fact that they didn’t need too much attention allowed me to concentrate on the two newer players. Feedback after the games was very positive and I enjoyed my time too.

Frostgrave Pictures

Being that I ran the games, I could not take enough pictures to generate a coherent story for a full Battle Report. That said, I still wanted to share some pictures from the event.

The scenario that I ran on both tables was the Abandoned Workshop from The Wizards Conclave expansion.

Table One

XOLK MDF Terrain for Frostgrave
Got to admit that the table looks really good with the XOLK Terrain and Cigar Box Battle Mat. You can see that I used string to define the gaming areas. What I want to point out here is how the players used terrain to cover their advancement from ranged weapons. They had a stand-off with very few people moving for a little while.
Frostgrave Dwarves
A look at some Dwarves in cover. The small creature carrying a blue rock is one of my objective markers.
One of the Dwarves claims a treasure. This table had a lot of random creatures show up by the end. Unlucky rolls really. 🙂
Frostgrave at Hotlead 2019
You can see here a number of characters carrying treasure off the board and some random creatures too (a troll and a few groups of zombies).
Frostgrave at Hotlead 2019
Here a Zombie finally reaches one of the Wizards. Always embarrassing when your Wizard has to take on a Zombie. If the Zombie rolls a natural 20, it could be lights out for your Wizard! Fortunately it did not roll at 20.
RAFM Fantasy Dwarf Miniature armed with a gun
To end off, I just wanted to post a fun picture focusing on a Dwarf armed with a musket or blunderbuss. This one of of my earlier miniatures, but I really like the figures that RAFM makes. This Dwarf is from their Death in the Dark / Fantasy series.

Table Two

The second table featured some homemade terrain borrowed from a friend. I am not sure if he made it himself or bought it off the used market. Regardless, it is nice and fit the table well.

Homemade Frostgrave Terrain - Frostgrave at Hotlead 2019
The homemade terrain that I borrowed from a buddy looked great on the table.
Frostgrave at Hotlead 2019 - Witch vs Illusionist
This game went by really fast. Here we have an Illusionist locked into melee combat with a couple of Infantry Men. Oh, oh!!!
Frostgrave at Hotlead 2019 Demo
By the second game, the Illusionist’s warband started making better use of the terrain. Yep, that is his ranged characters up on those walls.
Frostgrave at Hotlead 2019 The Abandoned Workshop
The Illusionist still ended up in Hand to Hand Combat. This time, with a Guardian Golem.
Frostgrave at Hotlead 2019 - Fog Spell
While the Illusionist’s Warband took the high-ground, the Witch’s Warband discovered the true power of the Fog Spell. Block line of sight from ranged attackers and control the line of site (and therefore movement) of the creatures on the board.
Frostgrave at Hotlead 2019 The abandoned Workshop
Again, it did not turn out well for the Illusionist’s Warband, but at least the players had fun! 🙂

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this Demo Game Report of Frostgrave at Hotlead 2019. It was a lot of fun and I always like getting new and experienced players alike at the gaming table.

Frostgrave at Hotlead 2019
Deep in thought players plan how to best outsmart their opponents in Frostgrave.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

For more Hotlead 2019 articles, be sure to check out my Article Round Up Page for the event.

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  1. Andrés F.

    Hi Jacob! It seems you ran some pretty cool Frostgrave games. I’m sure everyone involved had a lot of fun. The table, as usual, looks gorgeous.

    The cigar box mat is very nice! I was in the US some months ago and considered buying one, but two things conspired against it: they are expensive and there are too many options, so I couldn’t decide which one to buy to get the most bang for the buck (i.e. “how many settings and games will I be able to use this mat for?”). In the end I didn’t buy any, and now I regret it…

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Thanks for the comment Andres. Often I wished I lived in the States so I could pick up better deals on the minis and related products. As far as Cigar Box Battle Mats, I find them competitively priced, but the shipping kills a lot of that advantage. It costs a fair bit to get them to Canada. That said, I love them. The problem with them having too much selection is only going to get worse. Keep tuned. 😉

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