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Looking at the Past to Move Forward – Convention Game

Tomorrow (March 30, 2019) I run a participation game of Frostgrave at Hotlead in Stratford (Ontario, Canada). I am pretty excited about this event and working hard on getting everything ready for a 2 to 6 player game. This year, I plan to get players to play more than one game. This will introduce them to the campaign rules of the system.

Recently, I remembered some photos that Randall Carder sent of the game I ran back in 2017.  These pictures got me thinking about the game I ran and the changes I will make to run things even smoother this year.

A special note goes out to Randall Carder for letting us use his pictures for this post. 

What a Fantastic Table!

The table I ran at Hotlead 2017 was absolutely fantastic. I received a lot of complements on this one, but I also had a lot of help. My friend Dave lent me some of his GW terrain, and I had corporate support too. Osprey Games sent me prize support for the game. North Star Military Figures sent me a handful of miniatures. Cigar Box Battle sent me that awesome gaming mat. And, finally, XOLK sent me many of the buildings I used on the tabletop. I very much appreciate this support and will be using many of the items over again at the table I am running this year.

Frostgrave Participation / Demo Game Table at Hotlead 2017
A top down view of the table that I ran at Hotlead 2017.

While the table looks great and everyone there had fun, I learned a few more things about running demo games since. As such, I plan to make a few changes with this year’s tables. Hopefully those changes work out for the better.

Changes for 2019

A couple of things that I am going to try this year is to alter the table size and the number of players. I plan to run this year’s game as two 3′ by 3′ tables instead of a larger 4.5′ by 4.5′ table. The number of players per table I am also reducing to 2 to 3 per battle-zone. This should hopefully help the game flow better and reduce the downtime between games.

For Hotlead 2019, I plan to run a scenario out of the new The Wizards Conclave expansion. If there is time, I plan to allow players time to level up their characters and play through some of the scenarios in the main rule book.

Hopefully people like this format. If it goes well, I plan to run the exact same game at the next two conventions that I run participation games at (Broadsword and Ragnarok).

More Pictures

Below are a few more pictures by Randall Carder. Thanks again Randall. I often find it difficult to get pictures of my table when running a demo because I am so busy running the game.

An awesome view of the MDF XOLK Buildings on my tabletop.
Frostgrave Demo Game
A close picture of the bridge on a hill.
Demo Frostgrave Game
Alongside the XOLK buildings, I borrowed some GW buildings. Thanks Dave!

Wrapping it Up

Today I am very busy. I am packing my demo table materials and also putting aside items for the Bring and Buy Table at Hotlead 2019. I plan to be there tomorrow (Saturday) and hopefully Sunday too. If you see me, feel free to say “hi.”

For more Hotlead 2019 articles, be sure to check out my Article Round Up Page for the event.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Andrés F.

    Great looking table! Let us know how the game went.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Hey AF. The games went really well. I will put up a written report about it a little later.

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