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Review: Pathfinder Deep Cuts Children by WizKids – 28mm

This post is a quick review of miniature 28mm Children from WizKids‘ Pathfinder Deep Cuts Unpainted Miniatures line. These figures are very economical versus other minis on the market, and I bought them in order to compete in a Contest to win a gaming mat by Hot Dice Miniatures. The Contest ended on March 27, 2018.

To enter, all you had to do was paint a 28mm unarmed civilian miniature and send pictures and a story about the miniatures to the owner of Hot Dice Miniatures. This post includes some of the pictures from my entry to that contest as well as my background story for the miniatures.

As this post is also a review, we included scale comparison pictures at the end of the article and lots of images of the painted model.

Be sure to read to the end as there are some real “eye-candy” pictures in this article.

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The Review

28mm Children Miniatures by WizKids
Right out of the blister, these minis look pretty good. No cleanup, nice details, and they are already primed. I really like that the bases match up with the bases in Bolt Action and Frostgrave.

While I could totally see these miniatures being used as possible objective markers in Frostgrave or Bolt Action, I will be writing mostly today about using them in Blood & Plunder.

One really nice thing about these miniatures is that they are ready to paint right out of the blister. All you have to do is glue them to the base and you are set to go!

Painting miniatures on a portable mini painting station
The Miniatures on my painting table. 

For those curious, this painting station is by XOLK and we have a review of it on this website.

To paint the figures, I followed my standard procedure. Base coat, give them a wash in some ink, and then dry brush and highlight the original colours back onto the model. It worked out fairly well. Check out the final product!

WizKids Miniatures in Blood & Plunder as Proxy Civilians
With a quick paint job and some nice scenery, these miniatures look great!

Overall, I am very pleased with how well these miniatures turned out. I will admit that I am not the best painter out there and I do not aim for showcase quality. That said, these miniatures look great at a table distance and still look pretty good up close.

So back to the contest. The contest requires that participants name the civilian that they paint, describe their occupation, discuss what game they are meant for and what part of that game’s world the miniatures are from. Since the figures I painted are smaller (they are children after all), I decided to enter the two of them as one entry. Below is their story.

Marc and Collette

The two figures above are Marc and Collette. In this story, they are French Civilians in the Historical Pirates Miniatures Game Blood and Plunder. They live their days out in the Caribbean during the 17th Century. Both characters are connected to a French Militia Captain named Nicolas. Nicolas is the leader of a small French colony and has his own ship.

Marc is an Orphan who works as one of Nicolas’s servants. He scrubs floors (and ship decks), cleans stables, and takes care of many of the jobs Nicolas is too busy to worry about. Marc works hard, but he dreams of a better life. Perhaps he will someday seek that better life on the high-seas.

Civilian Boy 28mm Miniature Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Blood & Plunder
Marc is a servant, but he has dreams of being more some day. He lost both of his parents to Spaniards but Captain Nicolas took him in and takes care of him. In exchange, Marc works tirelessly at many of the most demeaning of tasks. Regardless, Marc is happy to have a roof over his head and the opportunity to learn how to sail.

Collette is the Captain’s Daughter. She lives a good life and gets pretty much whatever she wants. She even wears a gold tiara as her “crown.”

28mm Children Miniatures Review by WizKids Games
Collette on a ship. The men on board are preparing for battle, but she feels extremely safe. She knows her Dad would let nothing bad happen to his little princess.
Blood and Plunder Sloop Painted
Another shot of the ship in action.

Back on Land

Not only does Nicolas own a great fighting ship, he also has a very nice home back on land.

Nicolas, Collette and Marc in front of their home.
Dungeons and Dragons / Pathfinder NPC Miniatures Review of Children
Of course, Marc has to go for long walks to fetch water and uses that water to clean the house for the others. He always tells himself that life could be worse, and he is right.
28mm Civilian miniature in a 4Ground House
Nicolas provides the finest of everything, and, like Collette, Marc also gets to live in luxury.
28mm miniature in a 4Ground MDF House
Plus the Marc and Collette have become best friends. Collette even watches through the window waiting for Marc to return. She likes talking to him and playing childish games.
Blood & Plunder Civilian Life.
Marc returns and gets the pleasure of cleaning Collette’s floors. Perhaps after he is done cleaning, he and Collette could play tag.


Rules-wise, Civilians will be dealt with in Blood & Plunder’s expansion No Peace Beyond the Line (which is due out in May). For now, these figures can work as Objective markers (or scenery) until Firelock Games releases the actual rules. Perhaps these miniatures would be able to work as local guides for the Militia forces. We will know for sure later.

Scale Comparison

As with all of my “miniature reviews,” I like to include pictures for scale. Below are scale comparison images between Blood & Plunder miniatures, Frostgrave miniatures and these 28mm Unpainted Pathfinder Children by WizKids.

Scale comparison picture of Blood & Plunder Miniatures by Firelock Games to these 28mm Children by Wizkids.
Scale comparison picture of Blood & Plunder Miniatures by Firelock Games to these 28mm Children by Wizkids.
Scale comparison image between 28mm Frostgrave miniatures by North Star Military Figures and these Pathfinder Deep Cuts 28mm Children by WizKids - unpainted
Scale comparison image between 28mm Frostgrave miniatures by North Star Military Figures and these Pathfinder Deep Cuts 28mm Children by WizKids.

As you can see, these figures could fit in a number of settings quite easily.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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