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X-Wing Rebels Collection – Showcase

In this post, we take a quick look at the X-Wing Miniatures Collection that once made up my Rebel forces. For those that wonder what I thought of the X-Wing Miniatures Game, I liked it (and think that it is a good system with awesome minis), but I got turned off the game by the local meta.

The game itself is really good. Fantasy Flight Games did a really handsome job of putting together a fun game with good tournament support. The game contains great rules, fantastic miniatures and draws a large gaming community of Tournament and Casual Players alike. Unfortunately, I fall into the category of Casual Player while most of my local player base would classify as Tournament Players. It is a little more expensive to be a Tournament Player than a Casual Player as Tournament Players need to buy all of the ships to get the best card combinations for their fleets. As a Casual Player, I did not own all of those best cards to be a top player of the game. The tournament players also play a lot more than me, so I am simply outmatched in both skill and equipment.

In my last game, I took a fluffy list of one Tie-Defender and a handful of Tie-Fighters against a min-maxed IG-2000 three ship list. My opponent hopelessly outclassed me, was intent on winning and destroyed me quickly. After the game, he apologized (as he realized he made a mockery of my fluffy list with his tournament list), but I never played X-Wing again. It was a nice gesture, but a not so fun experience.

At one time, I absolutely loved my X-Wing Collection. I am still very fond of it, but it sat on my shelf unused for two years, so I decided to sell the collection. Before selling the collection, I took several pictures of every ship. This post is a showcase article of my Rebel X-Wing collection (before selling it at Hotlead).

I hope that you enjoy the “eye-candy” in this post.

The Rebel Fleet

X-Wing Miniatures Rebel Forces - Showcase article
My Rebel X-Wing Fleet consisted of 3 X-Wings, 1 T-70, 2 Y-Wings, 1 K-Wing, 1 HWK-290, 1 YT-2400, and 1 Millennium Falcon.

I started buying my collection just by purchasing the ships that I liked. It started with a couple of starter sets and an X-Wing. Later, I bought the Y-Wings and the Millennium Falcon. I got into the game somewhat early, so I remember when the C-3PO Card was the best card out there for your Millennium Falcon, but you had to buy a $100 (Canadian funds) ship (Tantive IV) to get that card. That was one of the two things that turned me off of the game – having to buy all of the ships to get the best cards for tournament play, and a lack of Casual Players in my area.

That said, I continued to collect X-Wing even though I played it less than I once did. Now let’s take a closer look at the ships.

Here I will provide some showcase pictures of each model and discuss a bit about the ship and how I used them. Take my ship use with a grain of salt as I am not the best X-Wing player out there. If you have better advice for how players should use the ships, please provide those ideas in the comments section below.

The Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon was not the easiest ship for me to obtain. It eluded me twice as my FLGS sold out of the product two times before I could purchased mine. That said, it is a great ship to own and very iconic to the Star Wars Universe.

Millennium Falcon X-Wing Miniature - Showcase article
This iconic Star Wars ship is an absolute beauty right out of the box!
Satellite dish on the Millennium Falcon X-Wing Miniature by Fantasy Flight Games
Check out the details. These pre-paints are so nicely done.
Millennium Falcon Miniature by Fantasy Flight Games
The satellite dish even moves!!! Cool.

When I played, I used this ship as a mobile firing platform. It has a 360-degree arc of fire, good shields and good hull points.

The X-Wing

This ship is a beauty!

X-Wing Miniature in atmospheric combat
This is your standard X-Wing. A good robust ship all around.
X-Wing Miniature by Fantasy Flight Games - Showcase
A close-up of an X-Wing. There are some amazing details on these minis. They are honestly the best pre-painted miniatures that I ever had the pleasure of playing with.

I bought three of these ships as soon as I could and even used them as a fleet at my first Tournament. They are a very robust and well rounded ship. Often, I liked to take three of these with one HWK-290.

The HWK-290

This is an interesting ship. I do not recall it from any of the movies, but I do remember it from one of the older Star War’s Video Games.

HWK-290 X-Wing Support Ship for X-wing Miniatures - Showcase article
The HWK-290 makes for a nice support ship. I would not want to take many in a Rebel squad, but one can work miracles with the right cards. Again, the mini looks fantastic!

On its own, this ship is horrible!!! But select the right cards and pair it with some nice ships and it can really add to your combat advantage in any engagement. I tended to take it whenever I could, but I didn’t see it fielded by other players.

The Y-Wing

Here is an underappreciated ship. I, personally, did not use it often. I absolutely love the idea of having torpedo ships fully loaded up and attacking the enemy. Unfortunately, missile weapons are heavy in points and single use items. This later got corrected with new cards, but you have to buy more ships to get those cards.

If it comes to a choice of fully upgrading a Y-Wing or taking an X-Wing, your are better off taking the X-Wing (in my opinion).

Y-Wing Miniature from the X-Wing Miniatures Game by Fantasy Flight Games - Showcase article
The Y-Wing is a great looking ship but not as useful as it could be. You can make it more useful with cards that are sold with other ships.

Despite not having much luck with this ship in play, it looks beautiful.

The K-Wing

This cool looking ship came with some great cards. Specifically, there is one card I sought called “Extra-Munitions,” which makes your Tie-Bombers, Y-Wings, Tie-Punishers, and K-Wings much better.    🙂

K-Wing Star Wars Miniature by Fantasy Flight Games
This is a cool ship and it comes with extra cards that are very useful for the Y-Wing and for Tie Bombers.
K-Wing Miniature - Side profile
Another shot of the K-Wing. This is a fairly big miniature.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how this ship performed in combat as I never used it. I actually bought it for the “Extra Munitions” card (and I was happy that it came with a cool looking mini).

The YT-2400 Freighter

Now this is a cool ship. It is not one that I remember from any of the movies or games that I played, but I like it.

YT-2400 X-Wing Miniature Showcase - Miniature by Fantasy Flight Games
The YT-2400 Freighter is a cool looking ship. It is agile and hits hard with a huge cannon on a turret.
YT-2400 Freighter Miniature from X-Wing Miniatures
Again, the details on these miniatures is absolutely awesome. Fantasy Flight Games has done a great job on this series of models.

This ship played really well. It was fast, agile and carries the potential to take a gigantic cannon with 360 degrees of fire. It also has a big weakness depending on how you build the ship. The biggest weakness is that it can’t defend itself against close in ships if it takes the Huge 360 degrees cannon upgrade.

The T-70

The T-70 is basically an improved X-Wing. This is the X-Wing of the new movies and a very functional ship.

Star Wars X-Wing T-70 Miniature Showcase - Model by Fantasy Flight Games
The T-70 is the X-Wing Replacement in the Force Awakens.
Star Wars X-Wing T-70 Miniature Showcase - Model by Fantasy Flight Games
For pre-paints, all of these miniatures are stunning. While some people re-paint these ships, I never felt the need as they look so good right out of the box.

I only used this ship a couple of times, but it feels like a more maneuverable X-Wing.

Wrapping It Up…

If someone were to ask me what I thought of X-Wing the Miniatures Game by Fantasy Flight Games, I would tell them that it is excellent. The miniatures are awesome, the rules are fun and the game is quick and simple to teach. The game is also very well supported by Fantasy Flight in the way of tournaments and new releases.

Unfortunately, the local meta didn’t match my play style. I didn’t have a group to fly casual games with and everyone I knew just wanted “practice” games for the tournament scene. The same problem may not be present for you if you want to get into this game as you might enjoy the Tournament setting or your local gaming atmosphere may differ from mine. After a couple of years playing X-Wing, I decided to focus my attention in on other games.

If you are one of the people that bought my ships at Hotlead, I hope that you enjoy them. They are really nice models. Also, please know that the money I received from them goes right back into materials and equipment for this website. Thank you for supporting Must Contain Minis.

We also have a post of our Imperial Fleet for X-Wing as well. Be sure to check that out too if you are interested.

X-Wing Imperial Fleet Collection - Miniatures

The Photography Background

For readers wondering what I used as a background in all of the photos above, I used a Cigar Box Battle Plush Mat. Their mats make absolutely awesome backdrops for miniature photography and even better gaming surfaces for your battle tables. This one in particular is their #105 “Oceans” Mat and it reminds me of the atmospheric battle in Star Wars: Rogue One. Feel free to check out their online store. Their mats are really quite something nice!


Hopefully you enjoyed this showcase article of my Rebel Fleet for X-Wing.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!


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