You are currently viewing A Taste of What is to Come. Happy New Years!!!

A Taste of What is to Come. Happy New Years!!!

Happy New Years Everyone!!!

Just this week, I was treated to the delight of coming home to an unexpected package from Asmodee. Asmodee sent me a review copy of Conan!!! Thank you so much!

32mm Miniatures of Conan and a Giant Snake
An Image of two of the miniatures from the new Conan Board Game. The sculpts are great. The miniature on the left (the Giant Snake) is absolutely stunning and a great treat to anyone opening up this this game for the first time.

Having received this game, my readers can expect an unboxing article sometime very soon and an official review on the game after a few plays. The miniatures in Conan are absolutely stunning. There will be plenty of pictures featuring the figures in my unboxing article. Above and below are two samples.

As a gamer that plays many systems (including miniature games that don’t require official miniatures) I think about what other games the miniatures might fit when I buy a product. Years ago, I bought Descent by Fantasy Flight Games and honestly used the miniatures more for Dungeons and Dragons than Descent. That said, Descent was an excellent game. Likewise, I bought Sedition Wars for the miniatures rather than the actual game.

Recognizing that some players buy games just for the miniatures, I plan to include pictures in my unboxing articles for scale comparison purposes. I will not come out in the unboxing posts and state that the comparison pictures are for readers that might wish to use the miniatures for other games, but it would be a safe assumption to make. It is also good to see the scale of the miniatures just for interest sake.

Scale Comparison of the new Conan Board Game Miniatures
Above is a picture of the Conan Miniature from the Conan Board Game by Asmodee. The detail on this model is pretty good and he is pictured beside a Reaper Miniature (on the left) and a North Star Miniature (on the right). As one can see, he fits in perfectly with Reaper’s 32mm scale.

Conan is going to be a very fun game to unbox and review.

Also in the queue is an unboxing for Zombicide: Black Plague by Cool Mini or Not. I bought this game very recently and am looking forward to trying it out too. Like Conan, there will be scale comparison pictures for this game too. Below is a quick sample.

Scale Comparison of Miniatures from Zombicide to those in other games.
Above is a scale comparison picture for Zombicide: Black Plague. Left to Right we have miniatures from… North Star, Reaper Miniatures, Zombicide: Black Plague and North Star. One can see that this hero is sized a little bigger than the 28mm North Star figures but fits in well with the 32mm Reaper Miniature. I think it is interesting to note that the Zombicide figure is more of a “true scale” than the Reaper Miniature in that the hands and head are smaller.

These unboxing articles are quite sizable. Between the two games, I have 133 pictures to sort through and edit. Of course, not all of them will make the articles, but it is still a lot to work. On the weeks that those articles go up, there might be just one article going up on this site rather than my goal of two a week.

What else is to come from this site over the next year? I hope to introduce more variety in my reviews and cover even more games. I am also thinking of getting into Flames of War 4th Edition while still doing a lot of coverage on games by Osprey Publishing (Frostgrave, Bolt Action, etc). If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on this site over the next year, please leave them in the comments area of this website or email me at

I am also planning to take down the Amazon store associated with this site and hope to forge more and stronger relationships with the companies that publish miniatures and games.

Thanks for Reading and until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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