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Unboxing Conan by Monolith

Now was this ever a treat. Recently Asmodee sent me a review copy of Conan and am I ever excited! This post is an unboxing of the product and focuses just on the contents of the game. This particular copy is the retail version and does not come with all of the extras that people got from the Kickstarter Campaign. This is the box one would get if they buy the game from their favourite Friendly Local Gaming Store (or Online Retailer for that matter).

Unboxing Conan
Cutting into the Conan Board Game. I could hardly contain my excitement to get into the box.


Conan the Board Game
The Front Cover of Conan the Board Game by Monolith and Distributed by Asmodee. The Art Work is Fantastic!


Conan Board Game Unboxing
Upon taking off the lid, this is what greets the owner.

There are two rule books here – one for the Overlord and one for the Heroes. The art work in both books is fantastic, but I do have an issue that Monolith chose to picture a half-naked female on the cover of the Heroes’ Book. Because of this, there will not be an image of the cover on this web site and it will certainly limit the instances of where (and when) I can take this game out to play. Even though there is a “Mature” (14+) rating on the package, I think a battle scene without a half-naked woman would have been more fitting to grace to cover of the Heroes’ Rulebook. Conan himself looks quite dark and menacing in this picture.

I haven’t read the rules yet, so at this point I can’t comment on them. Now let’s continue on and see what else is in the box.

Conan Board Game Unboxing retail version
Once the books and hero cards are removed, one can tell that great care has been taken into packing this product. In the brown box on the bottom are two trays of miniatures. On the top left are a number of red and blue jewels used in the game. Beside that are dice followed by cards. On the far right is a fantastic looking miniature of a Giant Snake.


The pile of cards spread out. On the left are items cards and on the right are spell cards.


Conan Snake
This is the first miniature that one sees while unpacking the product. It simply looks awesome!

Inside of the Brown box are some well packaged miniatures, an overlord tray and some coloured rings to go on the bottoms of your game bases.

Conan Miniatures
The top tray of Miniatures. Underneath this first set of miniatures are coloured rings to go on bases, an overlord tray and then a second tray of miniatures.


A picture of the next tray of Miniatures in the Conan Board Game.

We will take a closer look at the miniatures further down in the article. Still in the box are three pages of punch outs and two large double-sided game boards. The quality of these items are top-notch.

Above is a picture of the cut-out boards for the game. Lots of tokens and game tiles here.


What a beautiful board. The Village. I was very impressed with how large these boards are.


These two ships boarding each other is my favourite board!
The Inn.


A Fort. Please forgive that this photo is a little washed out. My photography area is not really set up for larger items like this game board.

All of the components in this game are beautiful. During the Kickstarter Campaign, it was the miniatures that really got my eye on this product and captured my interest in Conan. Now that I have my hands on the retail box, I want to share with my readers a closer look at those minis. I will start with Conan’s opponents.

This is Zaporavo.


The details on all of these hard plastic miniatures are nice and crisp.


A Pirate.


The Captain. These models are going to paint up really well, even with just a base coat and wash.


Bossonian Guard.


Bossonian Archer.
Zogar Sag.


Conan Shaman
Conan Pict
A Pict Hunter.


A Dark Demon.



A Hyena.


Another look at the Heyena. Nice details in the fur. This model should dry-brush up well.







Outer Dark Demon.


They even molded in veins for this Demon’s Wings. Cool!


Khosatral Khel.

All of these next models are made out of a different plastic than the ones above. Why this decision was made, I do not know. I have heard some accounts on the web that the softer plastic of the miniatures below is of lesser quality. If that is true, I do not know. What I do know is that I found two imperfections in the softer plastic models while all of the hard plastic models seemed to be in perfect condition.

This model counts as either a Princess or Thalis depending on the scenario. This model is made from a different plastic than the others above. This plastic is softer. It holds the detail well enough, but notice the hole on the left side of her cloak.


There is a hole straight through this model. Because I am a miniature enthusiast, I will just seal that hole up with some “green stuff,” but if I wasn’t I would probably be writing the company to ask for a replacement figure if possible.
A Guard of Belit.






This is the second imperfection that I found in these softer miniatures. Like the hole on Thalis, I plan to fix this small blemish with some “green stuff.” If I didn’t have access to “green stuff,” this blemish should be easy enough to carve out with a hobby knife.


I am very happy with the excellent definition and detail in these miniatures.

The miniatures in this game are absolutely fantastic. Detail wise, they are great even though I found blemishes on two of the models. The male characters match up with 32mm Miniatures of other companies perfectly while the female characters match up better with 28mm Miniatures. Below is a scale comparison of the models.


Conan Miniature Scale Comparison - Reaper, North Star, Monolith
On the left, a 32mm Reaper Miniature. In the middle, Conan. And on the right, a 28mm Frostgrave Miniature by North Star.


Conan Miniature Scale Comparison - Reaper, North Star, Monolith
On the left, a 32mm Reaper Miniature. In the middle, Shevatas. And on the right, a 28mm Frostgrave Miniature by North Star.


Conan Miniature Scale Comparison - Reaper, North Star, Monolith
On the left, a 32mm Reaper Miniature. In the middle, Hadrathus. And on the right, a 28mm Frostgrave Miniature by North Star.


Conan Miniature Scale Comparison - Reaper, North Star, Monolith
On the left is a 28mm Frostgrave Cultist by North Star. Next to it is Thalis followed by a female Reaper Miniature. To the right is a Bossonian Guard followed by a Reaper Miniatures’ 32mm Cultist. As one can see, the female matches up better to the 28mm figure while the male match up well with 32mm.
Frostgrave Battle Scene using a Conan Snake Monster
Above is a picture of two 28mm Frostgrave miniatures in comparison to the Giant Snake in Conan

Overall, the components of this game are very good. They look fantastic and I am excited about giving the game a try. The miniatures are not even painted up yet, and they photograph up lovely. This is the type of game that will look absolutely superb once all of the figures are painted.


Conan vs Snake
Conan vs a Giant Snake. Who do you think will win?

I hope that everyone enjoyed this unboxing. I will offer up more opinions of the game in a fuller review once I get in a few plays.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!![amazon_link asins=’B01JA0L68U,B071HG5LZ2,B072JXQKFT,B071WPK91J,1589945573,B01MTARODS,B01IPUGYK6,B01N2UV2U3,B01M6UUPZ5′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’mustcontainmi-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’44f4f742-b251-11e8-b883-6be540eab698′]

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