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WizKids Ballista Miniature Review

In this quick WizKids Ballista Miniature Review I take a quick look at an unpainted Dungeons and Dragons miniature. If you have not seen WizKids unpainted line of Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons miniatures, these are a great way to pick up minis at a value price. In terms of quality, they are quite good for what you pay and they come pre-primed!

The Packaging

Ballista Bolt Thrower by Wiz Kids - Packaging
A quick look at the package as I found it in the store. You can see on the package that they come pre-primed. All you have to do is paint these minis and they are ready to go!
The back of the pack - Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures Review
The back of the package shows you how WizKids painted the miniature. My version will be pretty much the same.

My Painted Ballista Miniatures

After an extremely quick paint job, here is my version of the WizKids Ballista from their Dungeons and Dragons miniature line.

Wizkids Ballista Miniature review
Looking at the minis from the side.
Painted Wizkids D&D miniature
The package comes with two Ballistae, which is great for any miniatures army that you want to field.

D&D Bolt thrower
A lower angle of that first shot.

Scale Comparison – Unpainted Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures to other Manufacturers

Like the rest of WizKids’ Dungeons and Dragons line, these scenic pieces are scaled for 28mm gaming.

Wizkids D&D Minis vs Games Workshop
Here are the Ballistae beside a Primaris Space Marine.
Undead army with Ballista
The Ballistae alongside some 28mm Undead Peasants by Fireforge Games.
Ballista Miniature review - Dungeons and Dragons
The miniatures alongside a 28mm dog that I received from a Kickstarter.

Wrapping it up…

I bought these two Ballista miniatures by WizKids for use in some miniatures agnostic games. Whether you are playing Forgotten World, Dragon Rampant, Saga: Age of Magic or something else, these models are an extremely affordable way to pull some artillery options into your army. That is exactly why I bought them and I think they look decent for what I paid for them.

As always, thank you for checking out this post.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

Dungeons and Dragons Ballista Miniature Review - Wizkids
A ballista crewed by undead zombies ready for battle.