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28mm Guard Tower Review on YouTube

My video review of a 28mm Guard Tower by GameCraft Miniatures just went live on YouTube. I requested this kit for Bolt Action and Gamecraft Miniatures sent it to me for review purposes.

You may have already read the written review, but now you can watch the video review too.

A video review of some 28mm Wargame Terrain by GameCraft Miniatures.

I could totally envision this MDF terrain kit working well for Bolt Action, Warhammer 40K, Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse too, and any number of other 28mm miniatures games.

If you are looking for a 10″ tall tower for your wargame terrain, this MDF model could be right for you. A big thank you goes out to Gamecraft miniatures for sending me this MDF terrain kit for review purposes.

Table of Contents…

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:34 The Build
  • 0:57 The Review

Bolt Action Miniatures by Warlord Games used for scale purposes.

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