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Pulp Figures Steam Pulp Miniatures Review

Pulp Figures is on Kickstarter again with their new Steam Pulp figures set around the Zulu Wars. You can use these miniatures for historical games or pulp setting games. We took a quick look at the miniature photos and news from this Kickstarter on the Campaign Page. In this post, we actually got our hands on those miniatures and will take a closer look at them.

For those wondering, these are 28mm miniatures.

A Quick Look at the Pulp Figures Miniatures – Sample Bag 1

Sample pack 1

Pulp Figures sent me two bags of samples in this shipment of miniatures.

Drummer soldier - Zulu Wars 28mm miniature by Pulp Figures

These miniatures, as do all Pulp Figures miniatures, have raised details that makes painting them a breeze. Now, I didn’t paint them and I like taking pictures of minis even if they aren’t painted. Today, I will share with you my other pictures of these minis.

As a forewarning, my pictures don’t do these minis justice as they look better in person.

More British line infantry

Even so, you can see there are some good details on these figures.

British Line Infantry by Pulp Figures for Zulu Wars / Steam Pulp settings

This pack of minis I like. The miniatures look really good.

Looking at Sample Bag 2

Sample bag 2

This is a sampling of figures, but some of them are from the British Line Officer Personalities pack and some are from the Eccentric British Officers set.

Sample miniature that you can arm with a sword or club

This guy comes armed with a pistol and you can choose to arm him with a sword, or a knobkerrie.

Review of Pulp Figures latest Kickstarter - British Officer

This guy is a good-looking officer and worth a second look.

Steam Pulp - Pulp Figures miniatures review

Again, the details are very raised which make painting Pulp Figures more fun, and easier too.

Line Officer - British Zulu Wars

Above is the last of the British Line Officer Personality Miniatures that I received.

Large British Officer Miniature for 28mm gaming - Zulu Wars

This is one of the Eccentric Officers. He is pretty wide.

Steam Pulp Kickstarter miniatures

You can see that more so from the side. Below is another officer from that set.

Pulp Figures Steam Pulp British Officer

That guy has quite a look on his face. Reminds me of someone I know in some ways.

Wrapping it up…

Today’s post was to look at some miniatures sent to me from Pulp Figures. These are sample figures from their Steam Pulp Zulu Wars Kickstarter running right now. If you are interested in these figures, be sure to rush over there soon. This campaign ends November 29th at 3pm EST.

If you miss the campaign, I am guessing you will eventually see these miniatures on the Pulp Figures Web Store too in the future.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!