You are currently viewing The Ironclad Drake Makes its First Appearance – Conquest by Parabellum Games

The Ironclad Drake Makes its First Appearance – Conquest by Parabellum Games

Conquest is adding another amazing beast to its lineup – check out the Dweghom’s Ironclad Drake!

Recently I saw a preview of a miniature so cool, I had to share it with you today!

This is the Ironclad Drake by Parabellum Games for Conquest. This model belongs to the Dweghom, which is Conquest’s Dwarven faction. It is now up for pre-order now and will be released on December 22. This miniature looks so cool.

The New Ironclad Drake

Clad in a shell of Dweghom-worked steel, an Ironclad Drake is a primordial incarnation of battle. Its already tough hide has been covered in thick iron plates, its vulnerable head and neck encased in steel. Warlike and proud like no other race, it should come as little surprise that the Dweghom have taken to displaying the might and prowess of their hold and history from the back of these powerful beasts. The greatest warriors among their kind, the Hold Raeghs, can often be seen riding these lumbering beasts, their swaying gait making the banners hanging from it ripple even as their roars drown the din of battle.

Description from Parabellum Games’ website.

This model comes in at $129.99, and I anticipate it will be like the Hellbringer Drake, but cooler – literally.

Quick Review of the Dweghom Hellbringer Drake

Above is my video review of the Hellbringer Drake. Now back to the Ironclad Drake! I also have a written review of the Hellbringer Drake.

Back to the Ironclad Drake

Ironclad drake

This model looks absolutely amazing. There is something about that throne and the side banners that I really like! It’s regal and threatening.

An amazing Dweghom miniature for Conqeust by Parabellum Games

It is a really cool-looking model. The banners breathe some life into it, in my view.

The back of the model

Here are some close-ups of the model. Looks really cool! Interesting that the throne rider is actually a skeleton.

Some close ups

Wrapping it up…

Today’s quick post was one to show you a model that I found cool. If you are interested in it, be sure to use coupon code MCM to save some money on your first purchase from Parabellum. If you are curious about the stats of this monster, Parabellum actually has an army builder you can use for free!

The giant beast in action

Until next time, Happy Gaming, Everyone!!!

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