You are currently viewing ‘Blood & Plunder’: A Steal on the High Seas, Huge Discount on ‘Blackbeard vs Maynard’ Starter Set

‘Blood & Plunder’: A Steal on the High Seas, Huge Discount on ‘Blackbeard vs Maynard’ Starter Set

Start your career on the high seas with the packed Blackbeard vs Maynard starter set – now on sale!

Firelock Games makes February even more lovely with a sale on their Blackbeard vs Maynard 2 Player Starter Set for Blood & Plunder. From now until the end of February, you can pick up this 2-player starter set at a huge 33% discount. That’s right, you can get your hands on this ginormous starter set for just $99. If you want this at a great price, act now!

Massive sale on Blood & Plunder two player starter set by Firelock Games

Take a look inside the giant box! It comes with everything you need to play – a double-sided map, terrain, dice, rules, character minis, and of course, ships.

Resin Blood & Plunder Minis Now Available

This awesome sale is not the only Firelock Games news that I have for today. On top of having their awesomely massive starter set on sale, they also have a few other things worth checking out.

They recently made a move to resin for their miniature lines. Currently, you can buy these miniatures in their original metal form or in resin. The resin version of the minis looks very crisp!

New Firelock Games Resin Blood & Plunder miniatures
Resin Miniatures

You can get full sets in resin to crew your ships from the Firelock Games website now, as well.

New Resin Blood & Plunder Miniatures by Firelock Games

Hard Plastic Minis

If resin or Metal are not your thing, Firelock Games also has you covered with various miniatures now coming in hard plastic too. These plastic figures would be a perfect addition to the two-player starter set. Both are made out of plastic!

There are more sets available, but you will have to go to the Firelock Games site to check them out.

Blood & Plunder Plastic Pirates
Militia models

Mix It Up

Blood & Plunder is an attractive historical miniatures game. If you want something different, you can combine minis from other companies, like WizKids, and make up some house rules for sea monsters. Here, I have some metal Lanceros on a Resin sloop facing off against a WizKids Hydra. For more on the Hydra, I have a review of this pre-painted mini.

WizKids Hydra vs Firelock Games Sloop

Wrapping it up…

Today’s post was to tell you of an amazing sale currently on at Firelock Games. That sale, again, is on until the end of February, so act fast if you want this deal!

If you haven’t taken a look at Firelock Games for a while, come on by and check out what is new.