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‘Critical Role’ Crown Keepers Minis Are Game Ready Right Out of the Box with WizKids

Jump into your next RPG adventure or miniatures skirmish game with pre-painted Crown Keepers minis from WizKids and Critical Role.

A little while back, I got my hands on a box of pre-painted miniatures by WizKids. These miniatures are The Crown Keepers, made in partnership with Critical Role.

If you are looking for ready-to-go miniatures straight out of the box, WizKids can help you with this. Across their Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and Critical Role lines of miniatures, they give you tons of options! I highly encourage you to check them out if you haven’t already. They make perfect minis for RPGs and also as proxy minis for whatever skirmish games you can think of.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the minis that come in The Crown Keepers boxed set.

A Closer Look

Today’s post is a quick one to show off these miniatures.

WizKids - Critical Role - The Crown Keepers pre-painted miniatures review.

My goal is to show you what you get in the box if you were to buy it. The minis themselves are all right. Many might be able to paint better, but at the same time, there is something to be said about not having to do the work of actually painting the figures. Just open the box and they are ready to go.

Back of the box

The back of the box shows you what is in there and the names of the characters. Often, I find those images (and the ones online) don’t do justice to how well the miniatures are actually painted. Let me show you how the miniatures look once you unbox them.

The Crown Keepers Miniatures

Rather than spelling everything out and discussing who is who, let me show you what these minis are like.

The Crown Keepers Pre-Painted Critical Role Miniatures by WizKids

For straight out of the box, that’s pretty good!

For the images below, just click on them to see them in full size.

A female Bunny Fighter - Critical Role
Dariax from Critical Role

Scale Comparison

If you plan to use these miniatures for Dungeons & Dragons or any other RPG, they are pretty much ready to go. If you plan to use them in miniatures games as proxy figures, you might care about how these scale vs other brands.

Below, I compare these minis to a miniature by Games Workshop. Basically, they will fit in with other 28mm gaming miniatures.

Scale comparison of WizKids pre-painted minis vs Games Workshop Age of Sigmar miniatures.

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All three of these posts show off some really cool pre-painted miniatures. My Favorite of the above group is unboxing the $200 worth of Glory of the Giants Minis.

Wrapping It Up…

Today’s post aimed to show off some pre-painted WizKids miniatures. If you want some minis ready to go right out of the box, these are a good answer. If you want these specific miniatures, you can find them here and at retailers, too.

Until next time, Happy Gaming, Everyone!!!

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  1. Andrés F.

    Those paintjobs look pretty derpy to me, though I suppose if this box set is cheap it’s a decent way of having ready to play minis.

    Though these days, with speed paints, painting stuff doesn’t seem as big of a hurdle as before.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Hey Andres. Thanks so much for the comment. A lot of folks can paint better than the standard these minis are at, but being able to use them out of the box is still a nice feature for those who don’t get around to painting the minis that they have, or to folks who don’t want to paint. 🙂

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