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New!!! The Tombtakers by WizKids & Critical Role

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Recently WizKids sent me an number of Pre-Painted Miniatures including Critical Role’s The Tombtakers boxed set. In this post, we are going to unbox this collection to see the miniatures within and quickly check out the paint jobs on the figures.

I don’t follow a lot of Critical Role, but I do like the minis that they release with WizKids. In my last post, we looked at their Obann the Punished Miniature. In this one, we are taking a look at the miniatures of Lucien, Cree, Otis, Zoran and Tyffial. Both products happen to be in the same wave of releases.

The Packaging – Critical Role’s The Tombtakers Miniatures

The front of the box has an opening where you can see the minis within. The back of the box has some renders showing the figures and their names.

The miniatures within the tombtakers boxed set - made by WizKids and Critical Role

There isn’t a lot here telling you about the figures on the box, but the description below comes from the product page of this collection.

This band of renegade blood hunters has set off on a dark path to change the very face of Exandria! Led by Lucien, the Nonagon, and guided by the mysterious Somnovem, the success of the Tombtaker’s enigmatic aims is all but assured. How far will you go to discover their secrets? How far will you go to defeat them? And in the end, will you even want to?

Quote from the product description page for this set on the WizKids store.

Open the box and you find some really well protected miniatures.

Opening a WizKids pre-painted miniatures collection. The figures are very well protected in plastic

WizKids seems to be really serious about protecting their pre-done paint jobs. Not a bad thing and I thank them for doing it.

Now, let’s get those minis out of the box and take a closer look.

The Minis of WizKids – Critical Role The Tombtakers Boxed Set.

Below is a quick look of each mini in there.


Lucien - leader of the group
Lucien 28mm gaming miniature
Lucien 28mm pre painted mini by WizKids


Cree - A 28mm wizard cat
Cree - a 28mm fire mage miniature


Otis Back


Zoran - Front
Zoran Back
Zoran Side Profile for Critical Role - Looks Absolutely awesome!


Tyffial Front
Tyffial Back

The Full Group of Miniatures

Here is the full group of the Tombtakers miniatures by WizKids with the inspiration of Critical Role.

The full group of The Tombtakers miniatures by WizKids and Critical Role

For pre-painted figures, these don’t look bad. Personally, I think they could have gone for a little more shading and highlighting on the minis. That said, I am generally happy with the eye details and paint jobs of the miniatures. I wouldn’t do any more work to these figures and I think they are good enough for the table top as is, but more work could be done for those who want to enhance them.

For minis ready to go right out of the box, they are good. You know what you getting, the details are good enough and their eyes are way better than what I normally do on my own minis.

With all that said, let’s take a look at how they compare to other miniatures.

WizKids – Critical Role: The Tombtakers Boxed Set Scale Comparison

In picture below, we are going to take a look at Lucien, Cree, Otis, Zoran and Tyffial beside a couple of other miniatures for scale comparison purposes. As you look at the minis, notice that my scale comparison figures are not well painted. The WizKids pre-paints look better than my Stormcast Eternal and my Wargames Atlantic Conquistador. The Conquistador isn’t even painted yet.

Having the minis painted right out of the box really helps get the figures to the game table quicker. Let’s take a look at how they scale up.

Scale Comparison of WizKids Critical Role The Tombtakers to Games Workshop and Wargames Atlantic 28mm miniatures

The scale comparison models are to the left and right of the middle in the photo. On the left, we have my Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternal. On the right stands my 28mm Conquistador.

The clear acrylic bases on the Critical Role minis are growing on me. No need to change them at all, not matter what gaming table terrain (or mat) you are using. They just blend into the environment by virtue of being clear.

Wrapping it up…

These Critical Role miniatures by WizKids look good right out of the box. Depending on your perspective, they could be considered expensive. You can check the price of these over on Amazon [Affiliate], Wayland Games [Affiliate] or through other fine retailers. Of course, you can always go direct to the WizKids store too.

Overall, these are some nice miniatures, and I would like to thank WizKids for sending them to me for review. In my mind, these miniatures fit into the collections of RPG players (who play games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and other games) and Skirmish Miniature Wargamers (who play games like Frostgrave, Mordheim and other games).

These miniatures are a part of the Wave 4 of Critical Role miniatures. If you are not into pre-painted figures, WizKids offers some very affordable unpainted minis as well as some premium frameworks miniatures too. Their Frameworks kit for the Cyclops Stormcaller was the first Critical Role miniature that I ever reviewed.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!