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Working in the Sun – Work In Progress

Hi everyone. Today’s post is just a quick one to show some of the work that I did earlier in the year. This army I am still working on along with many other projects.

Letting minis dry in the sun - Miniature Painting Work In Progress Post

I spray painted these miniatures in the garage and moved them to a table in the backyard for the minis to dry in the sun. These miniatures are all by Wargames Atlantic (Les Grognards and Cannon Fodder Sets 1 and 2) and the primer and varnish I used are by The Army Painter.

letting varnished miniatures dry in the sun - The Army Painter

I went a little too heavy with The Army Painter Matt Varnish on my Les Grognard Soldiers, but the trade off is that I won’t have to worry much about the paint chipping off.

Letting primed miniatures dry in the sun

The primer for the Cannon Fodder miniatures went on very well and after they dried, I got them to the painting table.

Work In Progress - Wargames Atlantic Cannon Fodder miniatures

Unfortunately, I got distracted by another project at this point so this is the state they remain in for now.

Wrapping it up…

Lately I have been very busy and not posting as much as I want on this site. Today’s post is a quick one to show some progress on my miniatures. If you want to see more posts like this, please let me know.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!