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Forgotten Pacts “NickStarter” Starts Monday!!!

One product that I have been excited about for a while is the addition of Barbarian Clans to Frostgrave. North Star Military Figures has been promoting this lately on their Facebook page and I have been getting really excited about what is up and coming. To share the excitement, I wanted to re-post some of the images from North Star’s Facebook Page (all images in today’s post are from there).

Forgotten Pacts
Pre-Order Program for Forgotten Pacts goes live on Monday!

I have written about it before and I am really looking forward to this release and can’t wait to see what is in the book and on the sprues! It will be available through Brigade Games in the USA or through North Star. Living in Canada, I will have to figure out which is the better place for me to import the product from once the campaign goes live. Normally, I buy my Frostgrave stuff from J&M Miniatures but I want to get in on these figures quickly so I plan to go straight to the company through the NickStarter. Check these guys out…

Frostgrave Forgotten Pacts
The Box of Plastic Barbarians. So Excited!!!
Osprey Publishing Forgotten Pacts
I am anticipating that this will be another fantastic book from Osprey Games.

For anyone that lives in the KW area and wants to try the game out, let me know. I have two armies and when I get the Plastic Barbarians, I will have three. Dave, you are on my list. We just have to find the time and place.  🙂

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!