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A T’au Treasure Trove – My New Collection of T’au

Recently my Cousin, Duane Bilyea, gifted me with his collection of T’au. While I tend to focus on games not made by Games Workshop, I still keep my eye on this massive company and like their miniatures too. Of their miniatures, there are a number of armies that I wouldn’t mind collecting.

Space Marines, Astra Militarumm, Militarum Tempestus, Tyranids, Genestealer Cults and T’au are all factions constantly on my radar. The fact that he gave me this box of miniatures makes me really happy. Thank you Duane!

Now, I am going to share what was in the box with you!

A box full of T'au. It is not just the Devilfish. There is so much more in there.
Duane gave me his collection in this box.

Upon opening it up, there was a ton of treasure in there.

Lots of goodies in this box.
The box came with decals, miniatures galore and even some plastic trees too. In this post, I am going to focus on the T’au minis inside the box. Let’s take them out and see what is in there.

The Miniatures in this T’au Collection

I was actually pretty surprised with the number of miniatures that Duane fit in this box. They aren’t painted, but they are all in good shape, and all of the bases are there too.

Two Devilfish
To start off, he packed in two Devilfish APCs.
Tau Stealth Suits - The older version
Then added in four of the old style Stealth Battlesuits by Games Workshop.
A group of Fire Warriors
For troops, he packed in a full group of Strike Warriors.
A second group of Fire Warriors
A team of Fire Warriors Breachers followed up the other group of infantry for some short range firepower.
Crisis Suits
For Elite Options, Duane gave me a XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Team on flying bases.
Gun Drones
And what collection of T’au would be complete without a bunch of gun drones.

He also packed in a few sprues of extra Fire Warriors. I used those sprues to bulk up the two Fire Warrior Teams to full units and I built too leaders too. I built the leader styled figures so I could proxy them in as either Cadre Fireblade or Darkstrider.

A nice small army for sure! Thank you so much Duane!

The Full Collection of T’au

For this next shot, I collected everything together.

A Collection of T'au
Check out this collection. On top of these minis, I also have the Stealth Suits that I still had to base at this time and a few Fire Warriors to build too. Thanks Duane!


Since Duane left some sprues in there, I had the option to make some modifications. To make an informed decision, I pulled up Battlescribe to see the legal builds for these forces.

I changed the load outs on the T’au Crisis Suits to focus on heavier targets. To change things up, I took apart one of the built gun drones and plan to change it into a targeting drone. I also plan to build the unbuilt drone in the blister pack as a targeting drone. To add more firepower, I armed one of the two devilfish with two seeker missiles.

Unfortunately I do not have pictures of these alterations at this time. Perhaps in a future post if this one gets enough of a response.

Wrapping it up…

Special thanks goes out to Duane Bilyea in this post. Thank you for your collection of T’au.

This is a group of figures that always interested me and it is really cool to get my hands on them. Better yet, the fact that you left the sprues and options in the box gave me the opportunity to alter some of the minis too.

Now, let’s wrap things up. If Games Workshop interests you, I have a small selection of articles related to the company on this site. Among those articles, I highly recommend my tutorial on how to paint Space Marines. I also wrote a popular review of the Warhammer 40K Recruit Edition Starter Set.

What about you? What GW armies do you like? Let us know in the comments below.

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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  1. Andrés F.

    I find many Tau models very interesting, even though I have zero interest in playing 40K. I think their anime/mech style is pretty cool, and also they can be kitbashed into cyberpunk minis for other games.

    I also really like their Kroot. The Kroot model included in Blackstone Fortress is one of my favorites.

    1. Jacob Stauttener

      Thanks for the comment Andres. They are neat. Do you have any 40K collections? I have Primaris Marines and Tau now, but no rule sets or intentions on playing their game at this time. I also have a proxy Imperial Guard army.

      1. Andrés F.

        Oh yes, I own plenty of 40K minis, always with the intent of using them for other indie rulesets.

        Examples of minis I recommend are Genestealer Hybrids (very versatile, plenty of bits in the sprues), Imperial Guard (generic scifi troopers), Goliaths and other gangs from Necromunda (for any cyberpunk or post apocalyptic games), Tyranids (alien bugs are always needed!), Tau, etc.

        Examples of 40K minis I do NOT find useful: Custodes (ugly, too tied to the setting), Space Marines, Sisters of Battle (too tied to the settings), Orks & Eldar (I never warmed up to the idea of Fantasy in Space).

        I find myself buying fewer GW minis now that I discovered North Star, but also because of Perry, Warlord, etc. I’m never going to play 40K and you get more bang for your buck with the other brands.

        GW minis are very high quality though…

        1. Jacob Stauttener

          Thanks so much for the comment and feedback Andres. When you buy GW minis, do you arm them for GW games, or set them up more as a generic group of figures?

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