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Bolt Action: British Forward Observer Showcase – Redo

Back in November of 2017, I showcased some British Forward Observers. I was never very happy with that post. Even Mrs. Must Contain Minis commented the next day saying, “you posted those? They are very dark.” She was right. In this post, I am going back in time and doing a much better job of showcasing my British Forward Observers by Warlord Games.

In this post, I talk about my new photography set up (for miniature photographers and bloggers a like) and show off some pictures of three Warlord Games Forward Observers (for anyone that likes WW2 miniature gaming).

For those interested, Warlord Games sells the miniatures showcased in this post as their British Army Forward Observation Officer Team in blister pack WGB-BI-55. Now, let’s take a closer look.

What A Difference Lighting Makes!

To start, look at the difference lighting makes in miniature photography. I published my original showcase of these miniatures back in 2017. The miniatures in this article are the exact same as the earlier post, but the lighting and camera are now way better. Check out this comparison picture!

Miniature Photography - The difference lighting makes
Check out the difference between the miniatures from November 2017 and January 2019. This is the same miniature, but the lighting, camera and background has changed. I very much prefer today’s picture. 🙂

I am not entirely sure why these turned out the way they did, but at the time, I was more interested in getting a post out. Publish or Perish and I intended on publishing. Perhaps I should have chose something else to publish, but I was working with what I had. 🙂

That said, we can look at what I did different between the two pictures.

With the original picture, I used a homemade lighting box that I had good luck with for other photos. Clearly it did not work so well for these figures. With that lighting box, I used two desk lamps shinning through the sides of the box.

In my new set up, I have one desk lamp, two utility lights, and a floor stand lamp with a side lamp attached. All lamps I equipped with 100W equivalent daytime Ecosmart LED light bulbs. I often use tissue paper to diffuse the lights. The items in the lighting set up I currently use is very similar to the products below.

On top of changing the lamps and bulbs, I got rid of the light box. Instead I now use Cigar Box Battle Mats as my photography Backgrounds. I think they make for some very interesting photographs.

The other element I changed is the camera. Instead of a 10-year-old Cannon Power Shot Camera (or IPad depending on the day), I now use a Cannon EOS Rebel Camera. I don’t know which generation is mine as I obtained it used, but I am very happy with the results. Having something where you can control the aperture means that you can pull the focus as you wish, which makes for great photographs!!

With that out the way, let’s continue on to the Showcase of British Forward Observers by Warlord Games.

British Forward Observer Showcase

These miniatures by Warlord look great. They come as single piece metal miniatures and three to the pack.

British Forward Observers Bolt Action
The three miniatures of Warlord Game’s Bolt Action British Forward Observer Blister Pack as painted by me, Jacob Stauttener.
British Forward Air Observer Bolt Action
In the original Warlord Games’ artwork, this miniature is painted Blue. I decided to keep him the standard colour of the British troops instead.
British Forward Observer Showcase - Bolt Action
The rifle does not come standard on this model. He comes with just a pistol in a holster. I added the rifle so he would be “what you see is what you get” after he calls in the airstrike or bombardment.
British Forward Observer for Bolt Action
This guy is serious about the action he is about to face. He is carrying a lot of SMG clips for when the going gets bad.
British Forward Observers Bolt Action
I like the details on this model.
British Forward Observers Bolt Action
I saved some decals from the infantry pack and used them on these guys too.
British Forward Observers Bolt Action
Another cool Forward Observer Miniature.
British Forward Observers Bolt Action
This guy is packing a bedroll and radio with him too.
British Forward Observer with a radio pack - Bolt Action by Warlord Games
Not a bad mini at all. I had fun painting this one.

Wrapping it up…

So, what do you think of these models? I will admit, I am not the best model painter out there, but this post should give you an idea of what the miniatures will look like if you paint them to a tabletop standard. I tend to use all three models as Forward Observers for Artillery.

Like I mentioned above, this post is a redo of a post from back in 2017. I was not happy with the pictures in the original, but the text is still relevant and different from what is in this post if you are interested. Now that I have a better set up, I figured it was time to redo the post.

Finally, do you think you will be able to make use of the photography discussion in this post?

Until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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