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Showcase and Review: British Carrier Section by Warlord Games

Today’s showcase and review is about my British Carrier Section Boxed Set for Bolt Action. I bought this kit from Forbes Hobbies in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. If you live in the KW area, check that store out. They have plenty of Bolt Action Starter Army Box Sets and can order in whatever you need. They also have an active group that plays the game. I try to make it out myself once to twice a month. Now back to this kit. I really enjoyed building this set and found all of the plastic pieces easy to work with. The box itself comes with plastic sprues to make three Universal Carriers and 15 British Infantry. The sprues that come for the infantry are the same as what was in The British Infantry Plastic Boxed Set that I reviewed earlier. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of the carrier sprues to share.

Box Art
The Artwork from the Box Cover.

The carriers went together well, but I found myself wishing that they came with an optional piece to equip a Boy’s Antitank Rifle. Instead, it comes with a Bren Gun and an option to add a second Bren. I put the extra Brens on all three of my carriers.

I had a blast making these. I put a different number of passengers in each vehicle and added weapons from the infantry sprues for extra scenic bits.
Universal Carriers Rear
I made the middle one a different style in case I wanted to use it as a recce vehicle. That way it is possible to differentiate it from the other carriers. The kit comes with options to make either style carrier for all three vehicles.
Bolt Action Veteren Soldiers
This group I made with the infantry sprues in the box. I got a little braver with experimenting with poses than I was with my first Infantry boxed set. Here I mixed and matched arms in the kit to create more dynamic poses. I used black basing materials, picks and shovels to denote my Veteran squads. I usually run my foot guys as Regulars and these guys as Vets.
I really like the motion captured in this figure.
“That way boys!” Clearly this guy is in charge of the squad because he is pointing. To make his hat different, I head-swapped one of the Carrier Drivers heads with a regular guy’s. All the parts to do this swap are in this boxed set.
This PIAT team was made with the Infantry sprue. I never have any luck with them in the game due to their super short range, but I still take them.

The rest of the figures in this review are actually not from the boxed set. I used the remaining figures to create a Sniper Team and several Orderlies. The figures below are from the British Engineers Blister and the figure pack, Major Ternadust.

Major Ternadust
Major Ternadust. I love this model. He has come to have a reputation in my gaming circle as a fierce opponent able to take out groups of men with ease. What can I say? If you are carrying a glowing cross on the battle field, God looks out for you.
Flame Thrower Team
What is scarier than a Veteran Squad in a carrier? How about a Flame Thrower team in a carrier? This group gets good results and can get close to combat quickly.
5 more vets
This is my Engineers Squad. I use them simply as Veteran Infantry.
Plastic Figure
This is the only plastic figure in the squad. It was made from the Carrier Section Box Set. The rest in the squad are from the British Engineers Blister Pack.
British Engineer from Bolt Action
Getting through a Fence is serious business!
A Bolt Action British Engineer
“Was I supposed to blow that up yet?” Love the look on this guy’s face. It captures a great look of uncertainty.

This Boxed set is great value for the money and I really enjoy how the section plays out on the table. I personally can’t wait to get my Tank Wars Army painted up so I can take three of these carriers to carry around a forward observer, a PIAT Team and a couple squads of infantry. You can see this unit in action as a 600 point army in my earlier post “Battle Report – Bolt Action: Brits and Yankees versus Germans.”

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